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an art-based server with a friendly community , features a currency bot.

*NEW* growing , interactive, mixed & funny "family' unit who have a great time chilling with one another. Our arms are open to anyone who wants to make new friends, play games ( Among Us, Minecraft,etc.) , watch movies ( anime, etc.) , streaming and more!

Wulum is looking for player to test "Last Soul" 2d Shooter for Free. We do free giveaways and give free KEY to Closed Alpha

a friendly and cute server

A chill new server dedicated to all things yaoi and shonen ai! Join us in discussing everything from BL anime to manga to dramas.




its me CHAUK the owner of the youtube account (well you know chauk)

Naruto Rising Dawn is a Naruto Roleplay server set just after the Kyuubi attack. We are extremely active and talkative, so you’ll never be bored! We offer: Fair banned list. Helpful staff. Staff Applications No canon characters. And more!

2wonder is the place for all the people with creative minds to come together and meet other creative minds! Grow your imagination. Expand your creativity.

Music and Audio is the home to singer/songwriters, rappers and beat makers, producers to general music theory.

Hello we are a survival Rome that is very active with a good community we support the LGBTQ and everyone feel free to join we are constantly in the and have a lot of entertaining stuff on our discord server

Small server for people to just hang out and chat, server will become whatever the users shape into as time goes on, feel free to join.

Come and hang out in our new Minecraft Community Discord Server, perfect for those who have no one to play with or just want to talk about Minecrafty things!

A place for fans of Maty Noyes to meet up and chat about her music and share the love.

basically a meme server lmao inappropriate, 15+ recommended, but no one follows that lol (no explicit photos) talk about sexual topics a lot lol join or die of death

Hiya!! Welcome to Wonder Arts!! Where you can share your art, and talk about your favortie things like manga and anime!! Theres alot more to it! So to find out why not join!! - Jamie 🌸