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A community for all aviation enthusiasts

Chasing The Stars is a welcoming community for all kinds of artists. The goal of the server is to get different artist together and share ideas. You can chat in voice and text channels with other members along with post your art.

A fun place wher yo can chat about all types of books comics and manga!

We are a community of non toxic gamers, developers, and chill people.

Do you want a writing community that isn't clique-y? Gets you involved? Do you want a place where you can get help, promote yourself, share your work, get feedback and mingle with writers of all genres? Then scroll no further, you have found said place!

Hi!This is a Server to talk in if you’re bored(as you can see by the title.)We Accept anyone and try our best to be kind.This server is mainly based on anime but it doesn’t matter who you are even artists.

We are a small, growing roleplaying community that promotes imagination, creativity and respectful socialization! Would you like to join us on our Camp journey to honor the Gods?

Want to promote your server and get more members?

Health and Wellbeing server aimed at helping you improve your lifestyle!

The Council Of Gamers is meant to be a haven for all kinds of gamers and internet surfers who wish to come together and discuss their interests with others. All topics are allowed here, and we encourage you to speak up about your interests.

Games we have are "Beast Of Bermuda" and "The Isle" We are a friendly gaming server. We have react roles, simple rules, shops, bots (including a boop bot), discord game currency, active staff members and more! We are a small server hoping to grow more

We are a JoJo Server with JoJo emotes and channels for different languages to talk about JoJo's

🇨🇵Rejoignez se serveur hentai francais🇨🇵

A 18+ apocalyptic roleplaying server with permadeath and families. We are friendly with great staff. We host events and card games.

Friendly Server that is open for every kind of Gamer