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Premier Giveaways! we are a discord server that gives LOTS of stuff away! you should join and see the crazy stuff that we giveaway *we have a giveaway going on now*

We are a community of non toxic gamers, developers, and chill people.

Come join an amazing Community with tons of Fun Bots. If your looking to meet a new friend or find someone tio partner up with you in a game you can find all that here.

Hi!This is a Server to talk in if you’re bored(as you can see by the title.)We Accept anyone and try our best to be kind.This server is mainly based on anime but it doesn’t matter who you are even artists.

we just play video games, chill, and sh*tpost.

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A place to talk about cars and stuff. It's really all about the game Racingmaybe and telling peeps you're faster than everyone else in this game.

Games we have are "Beast Of Bermuda" and "The Isle" We are a friendly gaming server. We have react roles, simple rules, shops, bots (including a boop bot), discord game currency, active staff members and more! We are a small server hoping to grow more

We are a JoJo Server with JoJo emotes and channels for different languages to talk about JoJo's

🇨🇵Rejoignez se serveur hentai francais🇨🇵

Hey! Do you like bats? Are you looking for people who WORSHIP bats like you? But talking about bats all the time might be boring, so this is not our only topic.

A server to chill and share art of any form whether it's literature, poems or digital art, anything is accepted! Also a place to talk and make friends :D

Mudae obsessed gaming new server with not a lot of people just want people to come and talk!!

People who love Amongus Eurotrucksimulator2 Spaceflightsimulator welcome here

This server is all about the gaming community! Join to find new members to play with or join one of the many text channels and voice channels to talk to new people!

this is my gaming chair this is a server that i made mostly made for an community im trying to build, it isnt that alive yet but you can help! its about gaming and anime.