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A server full of gamers.

Hey , do you wanna earn some easy money? Our team working in crypto , csgo , etc industry . Interested? Join us , We will teach you. (No investments needed,free schedule)

This discord server is an amazing discord community server where you can meet a lot of new friends to chat/play (video) games with. It is a discord created for everyone around the globe! have fun, see you there :D

You could hangout, talk about anime, post NSFW stuff, and do whatever u want... Just follow the rules.

We are a brand new Alliance Server for Sea of Thieves and We would like yall to join us for a fun new adventure with new features comming soon.Come and sail for Legendary Treasures.

I'm a streamer so I thought I'd create a Discord to keep my followers updated but also provide a place for everyone to chat, post clips and memes or even ask for tech help. It's a small community, but a welcoming one!


Here we will be sharing the truths of what is really happening in this world, some people might say it's just conspiracy theories but that will be left for you to decide.

Your journey starts here, each buyer will receive one of 4000 animated space-themed NFT's.

The original server for house and techno fans. Find live streams, discover tracks, and enjoy music together.


Sanrio-centric server with tons of emotes of your favorite characters.

We are a chill server that can play, chat, and help you anything within our power. We look forward playing with you, were also LGBTQ+ and racist free server.

InstaPod is a way to organically grow your Instagram account.

A friendly and safe place for anyone to meet new people! LGBTQ+ related and involves many activities such as gaming, art, music, and much more!