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Random shit for gaming and other stuff

Hiya! I’m glad you found this server! Here we are mainly a server for furries or people who support them! We have both sfw and nsfw areas(pending verification) We are a new server and quite empty at the moment but would really like to grow!

Have you ever joined a anarchy server with no rules but once you go on it you find out they do have some rules. We have 0, yes. ZERO rules. Fuck the Discord TOS. Wanna sell drugs, guns, bombs, or slaves? We wont stop you. :)

The Fantasy World é um servidor do Discord dedicado a todos os interessados em socializar!

Adventurous like-minded players! This server is one meant for mature and high-quality peoples such as you! Looking forward to seeing ya!

A mock Government of the United States where you start off as a Member of the House of Representatives and can rise the ranks into the Presidency.

join, meet new people, play games, have fun

A small friendly server with a pink theme. A very cute layout and friendly staff♡︎ We're also open for partners 😉

Gaming centre for everyone. Post YouTube videos, promotions, games including Injustice2 Mobile, Roblox, Minecraft, AmongUs, Pokémon and much more. A fun and friendly place to hangout and interact with ppl from all over the world. Welcome to join in


Join to our server InHuman People. If you are creative person, this is your best choice.

server made for gaming anime and computer enthusiast

Hey! We're a friendly small group of players who all love a variety of games. We have our own Minecraft SMP server anyone is free to join, we all play a variety of games together such as Valorant, League of Legends, Among Us, CSGO, Eve Online, and more!

Girls Only Server! We are a fast growing server made to help girl gamers connect. Safe space with great community <3