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💬 Chill Server ☔Among us⭐️ 2000+ Members 👻 Giveaways 🎮 Gaming chats 🏆 Social 💛 Active staff and chats 🎨 Fun and events! 🚀 Discord community 🔊Fun Active Voice Chats

The Pilot Club is a friendly, thriving community of flightsim aviators. We share our passion for aviation by doing scheduled and unscheduled group flights on VATSIM.

Discord Code Sharing Server - Access The Codes Of Your Discord Bots Here! - Discord Kod Paylaşım Sunucusu

Tyrannical Gaming is a server dedicated to the gamers. We host a wide variety of game specific channels, general chat channels to enjoy, music, and a great community to meet new people and enjoy your favorite games with!

Wahl-o-rant is a new Discord server dedicated to helping you find new friends in Valorant! Wahl-o-rant was created for the community, young & old! Come for the chill vibes & memes, stay for the friends & drinks!

Art? Gaming? Fun? Endless nights and tyrannical rule? We got all of those. Become a notorious member of the Night Court! You are welcome no matter your gender, race, religion, etc. This was made to be a safe haven for everybody.

Are you into B grade movies? Do you enjoy Bad movies and cult cinema? Then join us on Nilbog for discussion and regular streams/watch parties of the best and the worst cinema has to offer.

Hello, The discord has channels such as share your emotes, group therapy, voting, quotes/sayings, mildly infuriating, food/drinks and more

This server is for people of culture, those who are attracted to womens' armpits, especially Naruto females.

Minecraft Servers, Giveaways, Emoji, AmongUs, Artist channels, Fun

Come Join us in our comfy cave! Some of the things we offer: 〚:hearts:〛A Friendly Community! ✧ 〚:hearts:〛Partnerships and Giveaways! ✧ 〚:hearts:〛Great interactions! ✧ 〚:hearts:〛Trying to become bigger! ✧ 〚:hearts:〛Unique emotes ✧

One of the new best BTS servers out there! :) Join us, to meet new A.R.M.Y around the world and do loads of fun stuff with them! 💜 We are growing fast and improving day by day! 😎

StratWave is a semi-active, growing community. we're just a chill hangout server,and we welcome anyone and everyone.

»» We are a chill, laid back community mostly centered around playing D&D5e in a scheduled, structured manner.

Come join Waifu Hangout and help us grow! We are friendly and welcoming to all people. We will be hosting giveaways, events, and more!