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We are just a community of people, who like to irritate zoophiles on twitter

Welcome to Pilot's Cult, the official discord server of ItsMePilot. All hail Pilot!

This server is to meet new people from around the world and to have fun when you're bored, I am looking for server staff as well, if you prove yourself you shall become a moderator and I hope it grows and if you like it please invite your friends

This is a server where you can meet and interact with other trans people (and cis people) from around the world! We also host community voice lesson groups!

Originally for me and my brothers but then we modified the server so we want you to join and test it out! We are very active and would appreciate it if you joined. No NSFW and we have specific channels to put things in. We are friendly but strict when you

Active server for VCs, chat, and among us. Also limited rules and fair moderation.

This server is a Test server of NSG Lounge only to test (Temporary Server)

Spl discord server


Spl is a server where you wont get banned for everything you do. We accept anything from anime lovers to anime titties. Anyone is welcome, invite you're friends so we can make our Utopia global.

Malaysian gaming and study group! Hang out with fellow gamers.net

Sports fan? This is your server!

a chill server where lots of people come to talk about guitar and other instruments.

Pingu emoji server based on Pingu emotes

This server has leveling, an advertising channel, and a place to meme. It also has dank memer, idle miner, and many more bots!

The best place to talk about games, anime, memes, or kicking back and relaxing with a dope community. Hope you come to be part of the lazy lounge!

Azure Roleplay is een Nederlandstalige GTA 5 Voice RP server in ontwikkeling op RAGE Multiplayer, gericht op high-end storytelling roleplay.

𝑩𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒛 is an online dating/chatting server for 13-17 year olds