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This Server is meant for only those brave souls that wanna duke it out in a epic battle for power.

Just vibe out to be honest. Chill out and have fun.

R6 server for finding ranked stacks, comp teams, watching R6 content from YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter to watching PL and other comp leagues with people but more importantly make friends and chill with people.

we are a big gaming server we play a lot of games like vrchat , among us, phasmophobia and many more we also support players on any platform if you are a small streamer we have a channel for that we have a fun helpful community. we are also LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈

Hey Loves! We are Gabyy and Yousef. We'd like to introduce our first public server. It's about Gaming and Animes. We are trying to archive a good community who we can play and have fun with. If you feel like you'd enjoy our company just click on the join!

Use this discord to send memes, chat or listen to music! Join and make friends!

Meet some friends, chill, and more when you join Blitz, a new up-and-coming server where anything is possible.

A PC Based Warframe clan! As of writing this we are a small Shadow clan with just over 90% research progress. We welcome all players, new or veterans, so please come join or message me for more details!

Gaming Discord for semi serious players of all and any games. great community of friends who love to play with each other.

dankmemes is a small growing server made for memes, named after the one and only, r/dankmemes.

just join if you wanna talk about anime and overwatch also have fun and enjoy your self

Welcome to the official Chomps discord! Join if you are a fan or if you just enjoy gaming! Come hangout in this chill, friendly environment! Make friends and hangout~!

We are welcoming you to a friendly Discord server with lots of fun,events,giveaways and more Your journey to become a attic member Starts here

A fun place with skilled players ready to help you!


Hey! This is a server for music producers, whether they are Trap, House, Pop, Club etc ... Here u can : Share your songs Get samples Make collabs