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a 15+ server but we accept everyone <3 but you have to be at least 13 because of discords we chat & play games join for fun, advice, if your bored or anything !!

The best server for peace and quiet vibing~ join if you want. We really appreciate if you join because this is only a smol server and we're hoping we can get at least a couple hundred peeps.

Het kanaal om leuk en casual te spelen. Er zitten veel leden van tweakers.net daarnaast is het onofficiele Tweakers.net regiment hier gevestigd.

Hey, we're Nexo Creations. A small game development company currently working on the platform of Roblox. If you're looking for a small community of friendly people, feel free to join our server.

NzT Gaming is made up of a variety of streamers and dedicated gamers alike. The idea behind this is to bring everyone's community together in a one stop shop discord. You will have the ability to completely fine tune your experience within this server.

Hello there this is the tpn anime based server ! 🌺 ! There is much to explore like the outside world and the house itself once you escape get a special invite to the escaped server! 🌺! Please if you join make sure to stay active a bit ! 🌺!

Welcome to San Diego County Roleplay, SDCRP is a new and upcoming GTA 5 FiveM Serious Roleplay server. We are just starting development and have amazing ideas on what we can do to make this server and community as best as possible.

Zábavný malý server kde najdeš spoustu funkcí a všechno co potřebuješ k maximálnímu uspokojení :D (taky jsou tu roomky na garticphone.io)

WindowsForum.com is intended to provide an online means of public conversation about the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Our Discord server is an extension of those conversations between members of the community.

Looking for giveaways, cool roles and friends? Well, this is the server!

The original server for house and techno fans. Find live streams, discover tracks, and enjoy music together.

سيرفر عربي للقيمنق تعال ونورنا

Outrun Exotics is a procedurally generated collection of synthwave cars. Holding an Outrun Exotic also serves as an entry pass to an exclusive club of like minded car and NFT lovers.

A community for artists, art admirers, and chatters all in one!

It’s a anime and gaming server

Got deleted at 5k lol Kinda toxic ig No rules Date👍 Esex if boost Minors Also 500 nitro drop at 1k 👍