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DogDefiCoin offers dog breeding staking in exchange for rewards.

Come here, vibe an make friends!

Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, to Cardfight!! Vanguard in a safe enviornment.

So uh it’s just a server where you just chill and talk I’ll find different ways to do stuff we also have a few bots to so just have fun

An international still unofficial server where you can chat with your friends,listen to music,play games,and lots of more unique features.Please help us grow!

This is a crossover roleplay server named MSHS Roleplay Here in MSHS (Mario, Sonic, Henry Stickmin and many more) we all appreciate other's roleplay style, habits and many others! We also appreciate all OC's, Memes, Creations and many more

Q3plus is a mod for Quake 3 based on Excessive Plus, Quake Live physics, weapon settings and other QL elements. We are hosting daily FT matches on clanv.eu, as well as pickup games and events during the week on Q3PLUS server, make sure to check it out!

⤷꒰a purple aesthetic gaming sever꒱⤶ ₊˚๑︲꒰very kind and welcoming community꒱‧ ⋮  ⋮⤷꒰please read the long description꒱⤶ ⋮ 🔮 ๑ see you!

Sharing Patreon Content for free!

💎Gaming 💎Giveaways 💎Bot Support 💎Many Games 💎Very friendly

Come hangout at driftveil city. We have gyms and run tourneys sometimes.

derp convos, games, and chill, use the server like ur own 😌

roblox,gta,roleplay,giveaways....so much more....join

Formerly GeoFS Pilot's Group, this server is much the same.

- A place for LGBTQ+ teens to chat and make friends from around the world! We are the Newest, Friendliest, and ONLY discord servers dedicated to gay and other LGBTQ+ teens to chat, meet, and make friends all in one safe-haven server.