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This is a server for chatting and roleplay! ^_^ There are many different species and roleplay power roles! There are also some color roles and if you would like a more specific color, just ask! ^_^

What is Key's Refunds? We provide a refunding service for items that you have ordered from BIG retailers such as: Amazon, Walmart, Apple, DoorDash, UberEats, Careem + more! • Why choose us? We have the CHEAPEST prices and we are VOUCHED BY MANY!

- brand new - trying to help grow the community - fun bots - friendly/chill staff - leveling - lgbtq+ friendly - supports blm - self-roles - 13-17 yr olds only hope you enjoy your stay here! :)

Xbox Community DayZ Server

Welcome to a randomized server, where our members use the server, play games etc... We are looking for active members to join the server.


Friendly Land is a fun lace to build things, hangout, and explore! We have two “towns” in Friendly Land, Cover Hills and Spawn Hills! You can build in either towns. Feel free to ask an admin or Lucas the owner to add a protection sign!

This is a Rocket League server, everyone is welcome. You can post your clips, trade and find new teammates! Managed by StefanFace on TikTok.

Have fun chatting with other people who love the sport just as much as you!

SCP Universe is the wet dream for any roleplayer! Level up your roleplay by joining us!

This server has all 195 IRL countries for you to roleplay in, and if all the countries are filled, fear not, Soldiers, Prisoners, and Parliment still exist!

Un server per veri gamer!

This is and adult gaming community. We are looking for new members to come and hang out with us. We play casual games but are looking to build teams for competition gaming. We hope you can come and join us.

A server full of gamers.

Cheats serving giving away free cheats, giveaways.