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a place just to vibe tbh

Giveaways 24/7! Invite your friends!!

Growing and Friendly public CO-OP server. attentive and fair staff Server is here to help out members who need help in co-op andany advice related to genshin impact. Server is for anyone who's above the age of 16.

We welcome anyone to our server but we are looking for Trickshotters Competitive players Moderators Advertisers And more But we also welcome anyone who wants to join

A very interesting server with giveaway

The Discord Orphanage is a Discord server community with fun channels and bots. A great growing community with a great meme supply. I would recommend joining. Memes everything gaming everything. Endless fun for someone with a brain! Sorry brainless people

Jsme zbrusu nový CZ/SK server! Budeme moc rádi když se k nám přidáš a pomůžeš nám zvětšit naši komunitu! 😄


EEE discord server


Just looking for some people

A friendly, new server for gamers. We build our community around what's popular with our members. Join us to have a chat, catch some pokemon, or game with some new friends. Genshin Impact gamers encouraged to join! Let's play together!

A place for all the weebs and casual gamers, Moat of our community includes Minecraft players, Valorant players, And more.

Welcome to VICE! We are a server which primarily discusses Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and old music mainly from the 70s and 80s. We’re pretty chill, and have very few server rules. Join today!

Just a cozy meme community.

The Metal Meeting '21 is a new server for metal fans aged 18 and over. The aim of this server is to provide a community for adults who are bored with Discord metal servers full of annoying kids, spam & shitposting. Simple layout & no intrusive bots.

18+, female only gaming server