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This Server Is Made For Fun Like have Some Games Discord Games Like Fun Chat!!

A community of teenagers who want to have fun and welcome other teenagers of any combination. So join and invite your friends as well! We'll greet you with open arms!

This is a brand new server looking for a new commuinty. As of writing this i finished the server 2/20/21. Looking for new people to talk to and mods and admins to help run this server.

welcome to bebop ビバップへようこそ ⇢ LGBTQ+ friendly staff ⇢ Anime updates and announcements ⇢ Lots of cute emojis ⇢ Self roles and leveling ⇢ Drama-less text chats ⇢ Fun bots, including Mudae for all the jpeg collecting addicts out there

Selling leaked only fans and links to dropboxes and megas, you can also buy them with invites. join now :)

Very welcoming and is for kpop stans and anime lovers! pls join our server ☺️

A place to chat about anything and everything Boneworks!

A server dedicated to streamers, gamers, anime lovers, and socializing! A place to chat, have fun, and enjoy the company of other people who have similar interests as you! A place to look for other gamers to help you online and achieve goals!

§ WartCoins § Join our official server! We are a new Hypixel Skyblock Coins shop, and sell coins for cheaper than most suppliers! We accept PayPal and Crypto Currencies! Prices variate from 0.45/mil to 0.36/mil! Join us!

Hello where just a bunch of otaku/weebs that are looking to build a fun and loving anime manga community. Where we can watch/read anime+manga togeher and talk about all the good stuff in it. We hope for all of us that we just meet new people and have alot

Come join to find RL players of your caliber and more

New Server!! Looking for members and mods Chill server for jokes, music, anime, and gaming. Meet new people with common interest 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ friendly 13+

Welcome to Orchid's! SR MOD + MOD POSITIONS OPEN AND WANTED! Chill community with game nights including Minecraft, jackbox, among us, Cs:go, and more! Art, anime, cosplay, and other hobbies welcome and encouraged! Mudae + Karuta open :)

A wonderful community, fun games, friendly chats, server events & the Official discord server of Content Creator/GameDev StuxieDev.

We are an active and chill server to join and meet new friends! We are open to anyone and we are always willing to include your ideas! Join Spencercord and I swear you will not be disappointed!

Welcome to MiceForce! We hope you will enjoy your stay with us in our humble community and get to know many awesome people!