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RoK University is community that unites players of Rise of Kingdoms with different interests under one roof.

Welcome to THE LEGION COMMUNITY! We are Legion, for we are many! We strive to create a friendly gaming community created by the people for the people. We welcome everyone from all around the world, gamer or non-gamer, to join us on our journey!

Here at Team Craven we started from the bottom, just like everyone else.

Welcome To Syrian Shadows eSports . This Server is a Syrian Clan For Every Syrian Gamer. The Clan Will be Verified Soon . All Gamers Can Play with anyone . Welcome To Syrian Shadows eSports Community .

Hey, ciao! Sì, dico proprio a te! Quante volte hai navigato nella Dashboard prima di trovarci? Beh, eccoci qui! Coffee senpai è un server del tutto nuovo e a portata di clic, un posto dove ti potrai rilassare e parlare con gli amici proprio come al bar!

it is a community server for my twitch followers where people can talk to me and each other whether I'm live or not. I feel like this server will help me get to know the people that watch me and help them get to know me.

Lizardcord is fun-loving community around Reptiles feel free to join and talk with us Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Snakes, bearded dragon all reptile keepers welcome

This is the server for you to enjoy the world of wizards and magics, as of in Harry Potter movies.

community / Advertising / chilling / Rsps Community/ Rsps

counting to a million

Small, Friendly Furry-Based Server with SFW + NSFW, RP, Gaming, Memes, and more!

Kingdom of the sun is just a fun server to be in, that I'm looking to grow, I wish there was more activity in here after all. We have bots that make sure chat stays clear all the way to bots that play music, and it makes it a good time.

The Newest and hopefully safest place to work with buying, selling and trading accounts!

Recently created discord server aimed at helping LGBT+ 18+ content creators expand their audience while also connecting them with other content creators and their fans. NSFW, Lewd channels + more!

Join the server to find friends who will support you on your personal growth journey

⭐ Hello, ever wanted to find a good server to invite your friends to or look for people to play a game your enjoying or need help and want tips or tricks or just to talk to people. Well me too join this newly created Server today to make that happen.💖