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This is a friendly community that all your friends, streamers and content creators can join! We are primarily aimed at FiveM.

Server for people that are bored asf and want to hangout with some cool people that can take a joke πŸ§‘πŸΎβ€πŸ¦²

You can do whatever you want on this server.

melonDS Unofficial Emulation Discord Server

β€Ί For fun β€Ί CZ/SK only

We are a friendly community server with lots to do! We are also new and looking to get an epic community going. HypeSquad is a positivity based server looking to make everyone feel welcome and have fun. Come and join the fun! <3

Here we post amazing tech deals we find. We post links ranging from cameras to monitors and much more. You'll rarely be missing out on a deal on our server.

Based in Marseille, France, Firelane is a new independent entertainment company

this server features dank memer. you can make friends, and make LOTS of money! (in dank memer coins...)

Small chill server Trying to grow Most members are SLC

Trade Central , the place where you can sell your in-game items for real money. Join us!

to be the specialist one join us to be the greatest famliy on discord

Hang out with fellow value investors while you search for the next $0.40 dollar.

We are a server dedicated to the series Sakugan (also known as Sacks&Guns) !

Come here just to hangout and add more people :3