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This server is made for having fun and making new friends, but also for helping each other with problems, And of course getting help from others as well! Be kind to everyone here, none of us are professional therapists but we do our best to help others.

A server where the main aim is to just hang out with other people.

A simple discord server to chat and have fun playing games

You should join now if you want fun! 😀JOIN NOW!😁 ➡We have good moderators! ➡Good bots! ➡Good ranking! ➡Tons of voice and chatting channels! 😃Please join we need members!😃

A friendly server based on the international pop star DUA LIPA, we provide personal roles and great staff support, have fun!

Start The Game is a Community of Weebs, Gamers, Programmers and Introverts. So let's Start The Game! Shall we?

We are a community based discord here to make a family and friends, have a good time and just chat during this global pandemic. We ensure that everyone is made to feel part of the family no matter who you are!

The first completely fair pump server! Bot-controlled pumps ensures no coins are ever pre-pumped!

Come join here for the best and newest Cold war zombies lobbies to grind your levels or camos!

For Christians, skeptics with questions and for everyone interested in Jesus Christ.

We're a community focused on providing high quality discussion and entry/exit alerts from highly experienced traders.

Just another LFG server with a tavern theme. 18+ only please.

A Minecraft server that is hosted 24/7 we have a lot of fun plugins and economy ranks and shops for Minecraft

Hello! My name is Lynne. I am a Roblox GFX designer. I sell GFX for robux through this Discord page. I always try my best on every single new gfx. If this interests you, please join! I want to prove that I can do great things when it comes to GFX. <3

Un serveur discorde créé par des bénévoles, ciblés sur l’Entraide et la Création de serveurs Discord pour la communauté francophone.