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A place to discuss anarcho-capitalism and similar political ideologies

Promise Land is a newer server! On this server, we just hang out, and sometimes we will play games together. On this server, we are hoping to grow and expand with many new friends. We hope to see you on the server soon!

Small growing server to find & make friends.

* A nice hangout spot to talk and have fun with bots. * My name is Life and I'm a Content Creator on Twitch and this is my fans/followers discord server.

The Hornet Hive is a place for likeminded gamers to get together and play their favourite games but also hang out in our movie room or music rooms.

Here we post amazing tech deals we find. We post links ranging from cameras to monitors and much more. You'll rarely be missing out on a deal on our server.

A server to meet new people, play games and rank up in! There is a ranking system which gives you more permissions as you get higher such as moving people in voice channels. If abused, the role gets removed, simple.

A server completely based upon for gamers and to have fun over here with us in this servee

Small chill server Trying to grow Most members are SLC

melonDS Unofficial Emulation Discord Server

Join us at ☆•Luminescence•☆!! A chill and friendly server. Full of Gamers and Anime Lovers.

We're a friendly, non toxic, welcoming tea shop! or server, in this case. Seichii Fluff offers a cute, versatile selection of activities ranging from just casually texting other people to grinding in bots. We also have a select group of st

› For fun › CZ/SK only

Safe place for all anime & gaming lovers and chill peeps !

•──────⋅☾ ♰ ☽⋅──────────• Welcome to The Crematorium, a place for all kinds of creeps and critters! I'm Crow, and I'll be your friendly guide through Hell <3 •──────⋅☾ ♰ ☽⋅──────────•