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this server is just a bunch of bored weirdo's talkin with each other lmao barely rules wich means that nsfw is allowed >:)

Zurvive is a Dayz ps4/5 community server with a hardcore focus, no boosted loot, traders or safe zones!

This server is for FIFA 21 Ultimate team players! Here we can play together, help eachother do objectives,talk and see the updates!

This is a RWBY roleplay server with its one story but still has some of the same characters from the show.

Talk to other, showcase art, talk about gaming, coding, but make sure everything is appropriate!

◣welcome to late soju◥ late soju is a place where you can hang out! talk about anime, manga, music, games, anything and we welcome everyone too! late soju is a day to night server but on those nights where you can't sleep we are always up!

Join our wholesome anime community full of really nice and welcoming people full of loads of stuff to do from movie and game nights to question of the days a fun community so come and join the family

ZeroNetwork is a german discord server for Minecraft and other games :D

This is a discord server made for different aesthetics. There are so many to choose from! We hope you come into this theme trailer to see some of the many aesthetics there are.

Community that shares their journey through gaming, content creation and streaming. Always a positive no drama community supporting others in their gaming lives across all platforms!

Nicely Cooked Beef Productions, is a new fighting organisation we have just started out and are looking for members to just relax and enjoy the fights or actually take part, we are looking for members and some promoters.


Just hang out, make new friends and have fun! We play games and do voice calls time to time NSFW text channel LGBTQ+ friendly along with BLM No Drama!! Self assigned roles Swearing allowed Anime allowed too No slurs No toxicity

Chat ✔️ VC ✔️ Giveaways ✔️ Gaming ✔️ Tons of bots ✔️ So come join us!

🎉 Regular events & giveaways! 💬 Chat with other users! 📷 Share the media! 🤣 Share memes! Join Now!