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Hi I'm Hayden, I'm a software developer who likes to make too much stuff. If you wanna hop in to just hang out and make friends, or you want some tech talk. This server is pro lgbtq+ and should be seen as a safe place.

This server is all about talking about Pokémon and trading them as well, we have sword and shield, Pokémon go and Pokémon tcg and much more there’s things for everyone to do on our server

Chatting, making new friends, talking about anything in a server with a twist of Hell ! Join us :D

welcome to the unexpected we stream in the portal we host game servers we support each other

https://discord.gg/KgrwkY9jtN A SkyWars/Treasure Wars Community based server. Created for people to grind with on hive and chat with each other! Interested? Feel free to take a look. Everyone's welcome!

honestly if ur bored you can join and do whatever you want. ive set it up so that you can do anything.

This server is a nice chill server where you can chat, make friends, have fun and most importantly feel safe

This is a server dedicated to meeting new people!

A 18+ safe place for people to feel comfortable venting, coping, and chatting.

Hi! Welcome to バイブカフェ!! It means Vibe Cafe in Japanese so come join if you're chill and looking to make new friends!

🌟First 10 Get Admin🌟 ✅2k21 Updates✅ ✅Squad Finder✅ ✅IRL Basketball Updates✅ ✅VC✅ ✅Self Promotions✅

In this server, we host weekly roblox tournaments, for big prizes of Robux, Discord nitro, or even gift cards! We do also giveaways and gamenights regularly, where you can win robux! Make sure you have fun!

A Selfmade NSFW, Games, Memes & Fun bot from me for everyone.

Fun Discord server. Not too big please join and be active on my server I do a lot of giveaways and soon events!!

This discord server has multiple channels and will keep adding more games, its a chill place to hang out and send each other memes. Its also a good place to find other people to game with.Its a new server so we are still updating it and adding roles.

A Art Server Which Provides you with Assets which help Gfx Designer Including Content Creators We have assets of many games which will Help Each and Every Content CREATOR! Get in here and Enjoy We keep Uploading and updating assets