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Searching for a premade team on Valorant the same rank as you? Or maybe for different Valorant players for a different reason? We got you!

A fun place to talk and hang out.

A chill one-piece themed server

The Hornet Hive is a place for likeminded gamers to get together and play their favourite games but also hang out in our movie room or music rooms.

Hello! I'm a goose that bullies children on a block game for content! I also give out rank upgrade, discord nitros, and client cosmetics on my streams!

Join if you want more friends and your lonley ass wont be lonley anymore ik lonley ppl are out there

β€Ί For fun β€Ί CZ/SK only

Welcome to the Conqueror’s Club! Here we plan to make realistic and fun role-plays, while not being too overwhelming at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Invite friends and help us and the community grow! Welcome to Conqueror's Club!

Small chill server Trying to grow Most members are SLC

melonDS Unofficial Emulation Discord Server

A place for Christians to chat . Fellowship . Share some scriptures

This is a self-promote community for twitch/YouTube/tiktok etc. Promote your streams and whatever else here to help get viewers/affiliate and partner. YouTube it’s to to boost your subs and view count.

Here we post amazing tech deals we find. We post links ranging from cameras to monitors and much more. You'll rarely be missing out on a deal on our server.

Based in Marseille, France, Firelane is a new independent entertainment company

Welcome to Sleepy Cafe! Here we have hangouts where you can meet new people and have sleepovers in vc!