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A hangout server. We talk about many things, conversations can range from anywhere.

We are a server with a lot of potential and a nice community

A safe and sweet environment for any weeb out there! If you like to watch anime, Otaku Central is the right server for you! Feel free to check us out and we will treat you like family (:

Test your bots here including NSFW! I don't care! Invite your own bots that you like without owner's permissions!

Critical ops #1 Team

Purple Gang! :blush: Socialize and meet new friends :blush: :computer: Game with new people :computer: And so much more to do! (just have fun!) Its one button away!

୨୧ this server is about creating a fun, caring community and for people to feel safe in , and of course, most importantly to have fun <3.

A very friendly and fun community, we love new friends and people. Feel free to play games, chill, or just talk! ((:

the place to go to if you want real THRILLING conversation with refined men and women

Hot Bosnian Singles are waiting!!!!!!

Join my server if you feel like it! If you do join please read the rules!

Our server has many giveaway and a good roblox trading system and many more

This server is a roleplay server for a videogame called “Car Parking Multiplayer” , if you play this game and would like to rp , make sure you join our server! ❤️🎉

Among Us Plus aims to help and ensure that everyone haves fun playing among us with discord users and friends! We would love to grow a community of Among us players!

Welcome to the guild, Adventurer! We built this server specifically to connect with people outside of our stream! Come in, sit down and lay back, your in for a good time!

A Place to Find people of alphabet mafia (lgbtq) to hang out, and talk to :3