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Welcome To The Harem Legacy!, we are a new server that has just sprung up recently, we are looking for members to start kicking off the server, we are an ERP (Erotic Roleplay) Server based on Anime, Manga, Video-Games And More!

Welcome to Chill Nation here we include: -Friendly staff members -Giveaways -Fun/Entertaining bots -Custom roles -Chill/Vibey Member to get to know

Chat about all things Disney and listen to authentic Disney Parks music.

We are just a small server trying to get big we are nice and we hope we can all just be friends and vibe together

d2 discord server


welc to d2 ◦ lvl 1 boost ◦ custom channels ◦ not strict ◦ welcoming server

Hello we are the kingdom of Queer a place where everyone can be themselves and be supportive of one another

This is a server for all the history nerds who relish upon the glory of the Greco-Roman societies.

Join this discord server if u like playing rocket league and want to get some free credits as well as be part of a friendly growing community!

This server is honestly for anything you want; gaming, chatting, making friends, etc. We are all very friendly and welcoming join and check it out!

We are Wisteria! A small guild server welcoming anyone to come play games with us! ~ Invite Link: discord.gg/BBtsTFQ ~

An rp server loosely based on the tv series, “Legacies”. Anyone is welcome!

This is a Discord server for 17+ Females only! We're an always growing community and server, and have some server events planned (like Movie Nights), to create more activity! To have access to the server, you must complete a VC Interview.

Gaming Server, for people who are just trying to make friends from games they both play :3

It be like that sometimes

A Discord Server For Jojo Games On Roblox, We combine other jojo games into one big server, We follow every rule on every game possible

hey, looking for people to join our discord server, unlike others that like have restrictions, not here literally anybody can join. any age, any gender, gamer of any game, non-gamer. just want people to come make it a baby community where we can vibe.