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Hi and welcome to my den. This is a very Kawaii place to have fun and make new friends. There’s lots of fun things in this server and we are always improving. We look forward to seeing you! 🥰

A casual JoJo's Bizarre Adventure server where people can chat!

The first completely fair pump server! Bot-controlled pumps ensures no coins are ever pre-pumped!

friend making server, tons of emoji

Do you want to promote your server? it's no problem to connect and promote it right away, you can promote it both on the web and on discord

You can get some Roblox Comissions (Basic Admin)! Its also very helpful and easy setup. A lot of people bought from me any they trust me. Check it out! You can also chat with some people!

Join a hangout filled with people and roles, choose a party to start, a hangout based out of politics. Join the world of fun.

10,000 bunnies hanging out in the sunny carrot land of the metaverse. Join us on this adventure of as one of the best projects this month. We are in this for a long haul and holders have great benefits

Promise Land is a newer server! On this server, we just hang out, and sometimes we will play games together. On this server, we are hoping to grow and expand with many new friends. We hope to see you on the server soon!

Come watch free movies and talk with others in the community.

Welcome to Teens Only! A friendly hangout for anyone 12-18! This server is the best place to chat and meet new people! We are small and new, but we are hoping to expand and grow soon! Feel free to join :) (Looking for staff)

kpop anime kdrama fashion gaming

Night Lounge is a server where you can chill & meet people with similar interests as you! We're constantly adding new interests to fit the needs of everyone. So come and join us, and meet new people who could become your next friend!

This is an apex legends themed server

The Hornet Hive is a place for likeminded gamers to get together and play their favourite games but also hang out in our movie room or music rooms.