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A small and social server. Calm and easy to use. Private channels for special roles. Lots of gaming including Overwatch, Genshin, Minecraft, and more!

We're a small but slowly growing anime community :>>

Cracker Connect (trademark pending) is a server where you can connect with fellow crackers. Whether you're chilling on minecraft with the boys, or furiously slamming your semicolon key while writing c++, you are more than welcome here.

The Offical BlarkayWD_ discord server

Free Reselling Server, Teaching Internet Money.

We have an economy, games, music, movies, and a bunch of people that would love to make some new friends.

Palatium is a brand new server that is dedicated to building a lasting community. Be one of the first people to join it, advertise it to your friends and become apart of this new and welcoming Discord server.

It’s an 18+ server! It’s small now but hopefully we’ll have enough ppl to host game nights and such!

Welcome to our GAMERS server! Join us, chat all the games or streaming! Hope you can have fun here! <3

Hey do you play MLBB? (Mobile Legends Bang Bang) Check this server! i'm sure youll love it!

We're a Biblically based community to help one another journey through life. If this is the expedition you want to share with fellow explorers join us now!

Hang out with BeastGavitron and his Community! Talk to him in streams as well! You can talk and hang out in vc or tc's!

Join Lumahai - The most comprehensive and fully-featured Active Listening server on Discord. We offer one-to-one sessions between Members and screened Listeners, who are here to help facilitate the processing of Members' thoughts and emotions.

Café Chillhouse is now inviting customers to join. There are no requirements that have to be met to join. Just come by and say Hi.