Shinobi Verse 木
168 members

Welcome to the world where you can experience the shinobi madness, Shinobi Verse. This server is mainly to have fun and chill out. Don't worry if you are not an anime fan, you are still invited here and can have fun too...

156 members

Do you want to join a dank community that shares pictures, videos, memes and contain giveaways? This is the server for you. Slap that blue join button If you want to increase your dank memes collection in #Sharing - Memes

101 members

One of the best server for chat and giveaways

129 members

Welcome to Marathon RP 🏁🏁. If you are about the grind ⚒ , hustle 🤾‍♂️, money💰, and great RP. This is your new home 🏡. This is a Nipsey Hussle Inspired server. Where support💞 is real, Marathon donates to members in need and send streamers star raids.

For dudez
958 members

Please Subscribe "For Dudez" also please give me feedback how can we improve our YouTube channel more. say us which do u like the most. Aside we do per week 1.5b worth unfriendly heist.

Boar Means War
465 members

A server is always incomplete without good members. So we always care your presence. If you join us, I am sure you'll like us.

752 members

WE ARE A GREAT COMMUNITY JOIN WE OFFER: o-Fun Bots o-Good People o-Gaming Community o-Myuu, Dank memer, and more Giveaways on server o-MUCH MORE

Chill.World | DANK | Ni…
900 members

Chill.World is a simple place to come relax, talk with some folks, and play some games if you would like. Our main principle is to maintain a steady and calm place for anyone around the world to game with or just hang out with when your bored.

783 members

British Server but everyone is welcome <3

Quality Time Gaming
703 members

A fresh and active gaming community, welcoming players from all across the galaxy.

Ryan’s Jungle
222 members

We've got: - Personalisation roles!💥 - A fantastic variety of bots including music bots!🤖 - Simple Partnerships!🤝 - 110+ Attainable Animal Levels! ⬆️ - 🎉Monthly Nitro Giveaways! 🎉 - Gaming Channels such as Minecraft! 🎮

Danky Home
214 members

Danky Home is a server for Dank Memer users with lots of giveways, heists and events daily!

78 members

SFW ・ Advertising Channels ・ Emojis ・ Partnerships ・ Aesthetic ・ Self Roles ・ Level Up Rewards ・ Special Roles ・ Often Giveaways ・ Friendly Staff ・ Cool Bots ・ 40+ Channels

76 members

We are a community server!

144 members


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