Attack on Titan / Hiroyuki Sawano Works server icon
Attack on Titan / Hiroyuki Sawano Works

Discord Server based on the popular TV Anime & Manga "Attack on Titan", and popular music composer "Hiroyuki Sawano".

Attack on Titan / Hiroyuki Sawano Works 17,736 members Join
🏮OTAKU🏮 server icon

Witam wszystkich! Interesujesz się anime, mangą lub Azją? Szukasz podobnych sobie? W takim razie zapraszam Cię na jedyny w swoim rodzaju OTAKU serwer! Serwer od otaku dla otaku. Zapraszam!

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3am Paradise server icon
3am Paradise

We are a friendly and active community that will warmly welcome you! Like anime? Wanna chill and chat? Join us now! :D

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Holland's Anime and Manga Club server icon
Holland's Anime and Manga Club

Nederlandse anime en manga Club

Holland's Anime and Manga Club 1,475 members Join
/r/DarlingInTheFranXX server icon

Darling in the FranXX server for all Darlifra fans! We have a welcoming community, tons of emotes and

/r/DarlingInTheFranXX 1,040 members Join
Anime Clips server icon
Anime Clips

We have raw anime scenes to make it way easier for editors to find scenes from an anime as it’s original version and we share twixtors in this server also

Anime Clips 5,435 members Join
e-Girls Bay |🩰| nitro・icons・emotes・egirls・anime・social・art・gaming server icon
e-Girls Bay |🩰| nitro・icons・emotes・egirls・anime・social・art・gaming

💕#1 Chill Server 🎉Nitro Giveaways & Events Every Month 🌸Social 🔥Active Chats 🎨Art 🎮Gaming 👻Fun 🤝New Friends 🎎Anime 💗Best Server 💯

e-Girls Bay |🩰| nitro・icons・emotes・egirls・anime・social・art・gaming 22,869 members Join
The Witch Hut server icon
The Witch Hut

We are an anime-themed server, specifically anime witches, centered around Karuta! We also have several other anime bots on our server such as anigame, waifugami, ramen, shoob, poketwo, mewbot, and much more!

The Witch Hut 8,534 members Join
Serene  Sekai ∞ Anime Gaming & Emotes server icon
Serene Sekai ∞ Anime Gaming & Emotes

Anime & Gaming | Friendly & Welcoming | Economy | Weekly Giveaways | Gaming Events

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KanColle! server icon

A lovely anime & gaming community! Join us and discuss about anime, games or just how you've been.

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Cozy Campfire server icon
Cozy Campfire

An ever-growing non-toxic server for anime enthusiasts everywhere ! LGBTQ+ friendly place with a focus on anime discord bots.

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ANIME Squad server icon

members are awaiting you in the biggest gaming and anime server on discord. Come join now!

ANIME Squad 16,914 members Join
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