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A better version on WSB

We provide a mental health safe space to support those in need

We are a social and porn server dedicated to the worship of our godly leader, along with a talkative horny community. Our goal is to provide an inclusive, safe, and respectful environment from all aspects and experiences with the server.

We are a bunch of gamers that aim to create fun and thrilling game sessions. We currently mainly play Among Us and just started to play Minecraft and we have a private 24/7 server. We hope to involve more people that are determined to have a fun time.

‼️ 18+ only ‼️ This server is a safe haven for romantics to gather and discuss the beauty of romance. Here, we empower romantics: we support each other in a safe, positive, non-judgmental, and open environment to help improve our love lives.

A friendly and welcoming community for those who are looking to make new friends and play Among Us!

Sürekli gelişen bi sunucu yayın yapıyoruz discordda sohbet ediyoruz beraber oyun oynuyoruz fln

Equanimity is a relaxed group looking to grow their friend circle with people of similar interests. We have gamers, artists, writers, and readers.

A fun community server !

🔧🔩 Final Stage is an Automotive-related server. Choose role(s) that define you, chat with other enthusiasts, showcase your builds, ask for help from experienced enthusiasts, level up, post gorgeous cars, and most importantly, learn.

A crypto promoting community for everyone! for advertisers, for currencies audiences and for business people

A leftist (not so much tankie) community server, that's a welcoming safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals

We Do every week a special event where you can win tickets, with tickets you can get Money, giftcards, robux and more....

Games, Anime, Movies & MORE

Area were content creators such as streamers and gamers could chill. What's more to it?