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The perfect place to make friends and talk to people. :)

This Server is a project of me and my friends. we would like to grow a community together with you, so we become an official Discord Server. Please join and have fun!

Are you looking for heavily story based and themed roleplay? Join The Demon's Den! Immerse yourself in this completely handwritten, mythical universe to fuel your own creative writing purposes, blow off some steam or to just have some fun. 18+ Only.

For All CTR (NF) Fans and Clanplayers Feel free to Join us!

Come have fun and share your thoughts on AC

Imagine you're in Hogwarts, but for drawing instead of wizardry! You will be sorted into one of three Houses and start earning Progress Points by doing lessons, tutorials, challenges, art prompts, competitions, posting any art or get and give feedback☺️

Oferim canale private tuturor membriilor noi, la cerere + gradele aferente Se ofera "VIP" "Admin Discord" "Helper" "Moderator" la 10-20 invitatii. BOTI activi : muzica, divertisment, administratie ! (toate comenziile listate in sectiunea #suport-tehnic)

I made my server originally to promote my socials but after 1 day I already have 20 members and I love how everyone can talk together.

Just a chill Attack On Titan server where we talk about how the final seasons going and do our fair share of movie nights and simping :)

There is no specific limitations to wat you can offer. It's a kingdom and in our kingdom u are allowed to offer and prove your worth through your work taking in care of the rules

you can't escape my basement >:)

What started as a STFC Game server, has now branched out, to incorporate other games and live streamers.. feel free to request any customization for your Guild or Game of choice! Trekkers, Unite! :)

A LGBTQ+ discord server that mainly hosts Among Us games. Everyone is welcomed!

Got an idea, startup, or business? Join and see how we can help you. We have professional business developers, over 4000 resources, and access to a ton of tools.

Among Us Active Players 18+ is all about collaborating, sharing, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of channels however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. Anyone over 18 allowed. This is a mature setting.

Just a nice place to hang out talk and relax, talk about some video games and such.