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For those of you game lovers who are looking for a dedicated game server, this server is the answer

Hey everyone! In this server everyone is chill we like to do movie nights every Friday we consider this server just a chill server to find a buddy if you ever wanna play a game!

Following a raid that left one of the clans devastated, they are trying to return to normal. However with the threat of an ominous prophecy, that peace is now at threat. The clans are left to scramble as loyalties are tested.

The United States Govement Simulation is a up-and-coming Mock Government. We Strive to bring the most Detailed and Realistic Mock Government there is. There are all sorts of things you can RP as, Such as a Senator or a Representative.

Delta Solutions makes CAD/MDT System's for Roleplay Communities, We also host Community Websites at reasonable prices, Join Delta Solutions Today!!

A place for all gamers to have fun and enjoy! Game Leaks & News! Free To Play Gaming Tournaments! Every Game Welcomed for a great and fun experience! We also aren't like those strict mod/admin servers, we are chill..while we have rules they ain't harsh.

-A fun discord to join and mess around, we really don't mind anything happening, just join and do what you like mess around in voice channels and post memes.

This is a gaming server where we play a multitude of games but primarily Minecraft! We put up streams and premieres by crators and allow you to advertise your own content!

Community and Information regarding OS X on x86 hardware and macOS. We offer users a place to trade and share information about OSx86 Hackintosh Systems and Builds and the various hardware needed to run it.

My server. Just trying to grow it on here because it's pretty much dead most of the time.

Welcome to Camp Midgard! A roleplay server based on Norse Mythology!

Giveaways & Fun Community

A place to talk about cars and stuff. It's really all about the game Racingmaybe and telling peeps you're faster than everyone else in this game.

People who love Amongus Eurotrucksimulator2 Spaceflightsimulator welcome here