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A server about Gaming(Self promote),Anime and Music!

Spl discord server


Spl is a server where you wont get banned for everything you do. We accept anything from anime lovers to anime titties. Anyone is welcome, invite you're friends so we can make our Utopia global.

Are you looking for friends to play games with? Then this is the right server for you ;D We have gaming nights, and play lots of different games together. <3

The homestretch is a horse racing simulation type of game that combines strategy with art (optionally) and RNG.

a rain aesthetic server many bots to play with our very own mimu server shop many roles to choose from kind staff

This is a server used for revision and socialising purposes!

Hi guys! you want friends and teammates for games? Than you are right here. Among Us Cafe!

We are a server in which we come together as a wholesome and awesome community and talk about games, music, and more!

hey all! i’m Sylvia and i’m the owner of Sylcord. I’ve created this community server to better connect with people and friends, talk about games and tv shows or simply random things, voice chats occasionally and roles of your choice.

This is A community where you can hang out and meet new people. This server offers ✮Active And Friendly People✮, ✮Voice and Streaming Channels with High Quality✮, 📽✮Movie Night!✮📽, 🎉Events🎉, 📢An active Staff & Support Team.📢, And More!

Shouhoyun is a RP server created by some semi-professionals. So far we have not the biggest group but with all of you we'll make it the best!

Server under construction! We just wand to be a cafe where people can be chill and have fun :3

Welcome to Life and Chill! We are a multi purpose server that is aiming to grow as much as possible, and we talk about games, life, school, sports, and more! We also host movie nights and game nights! So, join our server and help us grow!

Do you need help with identifying an insect or a plant? Show off the plants you have been growing? Want to talk about insects?

If you're looking for a best discord server to hangout with friends, play discord games and stream online. Then The ROYALE is the best server for making friends, playing games. This server has many gaming bots e.g -Dank memer, Pokemeow, casino etc.