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Make friends in the Fun and Interactive server! We have gaming, chatting, music, anime, support for many languages and so much more! Join Today!

Come join us in our growing server and help us create a toxic-free community

this is a discord server where you can casually talk with kpop buddies and promote your twitch with fellow twitch streamers! you dont have to be involed in kpop to join! <3

This Server Is About Winning Giveaways and Exchanging Invites With Apps!

We are a community dedicated bringing the exploiting community together to share great ideas.

Multiverse multifandom roleplay.

Server Italiano🇮🇹 Questo server è adatto per chi vuole scherzare, giocare, fare amicizia e tanto altro🥰 Condividi le tue passioni, gioca, partecipa ai tornei, ascolta musica e divertiti con i membri😉🎶

Hang out server



An Events Based Community Discord Server

The Lab™️ is a roleplay-based server revolving around a loosely SCP-inspired laboratory, where both subjects and scientists alike seemingly cannot leave. It's up to you to decide what happens; Will you stay, comply? Or will you rebel? Why not try both!

This is a server that is based on a community. It is a server that is run by the community that allows you to do what you want.

Hi welcome to Okatou World Online™ we hope you can join ^^ We'd love to have some new members here!

supernova is a server created to make friends and gain support. it is a safe-place for anyone as all homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, etc is not tolerated. we can't wait to have you!

The Among Us Hide N Seek community is happy to meet you, this server is meant to connect to strangers or friends to play Hide N Seek in Among Us.

Use this link to join if the other one doesn't work. "https://discord.gg/QKKesUcbRX"