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🎶 Sԋαԃσɯẞσχ 🎶 Is a friendly beatboxing server for this who wants to teach, learn or just jam with other friendly beatboxers.

PrisonBreak Backup Server by RoadToPetabyte https://discord.gg/Hx7ZjuKqxX Join https://discord.gg/CNyCJDdsJf for more similar server

Lion SMP is a growing community, we have a 24/7 java minecraft server, (no cracked clients), we also try our best to support one another when it comes to someone in need, this server contains no tpa or sethome plugins, it is completely a vanilla server.

Anyone is allowed!!! Finding more people to join having more interaction with new people. Starting to do alot more giveaways and events!!!

Hello! This is a Server where many islands Giveaways Happen, It would be amazing to See you there! :>

My server is here for anyone looking to play video games and enjoys chatting. Also my server loves to enjoy memes so if you got any good ones come and drop by. From the 0wner.

Country Side Roleplay is an Up and Coming GTA V Life Roleplay community. What can we offer you may ask, well we can offer: - Extremely Friendly Staff - A Serious Roleplay Experience - Multiple Departments - And Much, Much More Join Today!

You are learning a language and want to meet other people, who do the same? You are looking for help with learning a new language? Or You are interested in learning a language and want to start learning one? Then this is the perfect Server for you!


DEUGA is short for Discord Union of Epic Gamers and Associates. this server was created recently and as of making has no members

NeuroQueer is a brand new support server made for and by queer neurodiverse people.

kunker clan and other games like volerant and I'm a steamer twich.tv.dobbydane

> 🌠 An Gaming/Sience Company & Community made by the People for the People🌠

We are all Friendly peeps here <3

join our server today We started 4 months ago and we're growing everyday so hey how about you help a fellow Discord server out Come join us Community based server Friendly and helpful staff Fun bots to play with in the media channels


Just for sharing memes

We have a looking for players area for players that need people to play with we have multiple channels for trio arean duos and any team mode that comes out in arena we have two develpers and are looking for mods we stream all the time hope you join!