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୨ : join us ___˚. ₊♡︎₊ roles&clrs ₊♡︎₊ movies,games,giveaways ₊♡︎₊ aes emotes ₊♡︎₊ mixed community ₊♡︎₊ active vcs

A fun, friendly community with interactive people and daily giveaways

A person without conditions, our server osimyeondoemmiYou can come to our server without any conditionsWeWe love everyone.

Valorant Competitive 10 Man's Server. Automated Matchmaking and In depth ranking system all in one place. Join today to compete!

YouTube Squad is a server dedicated to improving content creators and making new friends along the way.

We play mainly Ow and Val, New server but just want to have fun!

Just a new chill server with not a lot of people but we're doing our best

Paradise is a freeform roleplay server for roleplayers of all levels.

Hello. My Server Was Made For My Youtube Channel Which Has 13.4k And 2.4Mil Views. We Are A Good Community And Kind And Friendly!

Enjoy the hangout of gamers!

hello my friends please come

United States of America Role Play.

ROBLOX eSports gaming server

We are a sexuality friendly and race friendly server where you can speak freely We don't tolerate racism and discrimination. We are an anime server but we also welcome people who don’t watch anime!

This discord server was made for the purpose of helping out newer players that play the game Wasteland Survival.