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Free Reselling Server, Teaching Internet Money.

LilShadow19 And Streamer iTiny Have A Discord For People Who Love Giveaways, Events, Making Friends, And More!!! We Have Already 150 people (on 11/4/20) And We Want To Make It Bigger!!!

We are a Fun, and outgoing server! We love to chill, hangout, and laugh! We support and care for everybody, LGBTQ+, Disabilities, Race, Religion, all your unique things about you! We have a Roblox clothing group, and we cant wait to make friends!

Just a bunch of bros gaming, we play anything just get us hooked! 50+ bros ready to let you in on this bromance, women included too ig.

A fan made english community for other fans of the korean otome mobile game [LoveUnholyc]. Feel free to join in for more content such as game facts, full walkthroughs, tips and tricks.

For people who like anime, manga, kpop, video games and more.

Mock government server where you can own a company, buy houses, be a representative, senator, president, Vice President and even a scotus justice. You can also buy stocks for fun!

Hello, welcome to the Rainbow Coven! 🌈

Enjoy the YouTube iPlayGames2020 Discord.

Meet new people, grind Competitive, and have fun with your friends.

A chill/competitive overwatch server where we do weekly meme tourneys and have fun. You can come host some quick play or even scrims if you want to :D

AP Study Server 📚 Active 24/7 💬 Free Tutoring 👨‍🏫 Live Study Sesh 💯 Study Buddies 🤝 Social Nights 💞 Chill VC 🔊 Giveaways 🎁 & more!! 🔥


Come, we have much to do.