Horror Library
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👋 Hello, This server is for any and all horror enjoyer! Here you can make, talk about, and post ALL things horror. 🎃

The megamans land
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You like megaman? you got megaman ocs? Join this here server.

Gamerz Hub | Community …
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Hello there! Do u like playing games like minecraft,valo,roblox? then join us! we are the best sollution

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WELCOME TO THE CHURCH OF THICC THIGHS. here we worship and pray to THICC thighs. welcome you fellow believer into our santuary! Please follow the rules and have safe stay.

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BUY,SELL and TRADE Any brand named gift card! Giveaways every day, invitation bonus invite 10+ people and receive $10 in gift card bonus.

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Czech and Slovak server primarly focused on studying. The server is for those who love to help others with learning and also for those who are interested in learning a particular subject but can't understand some topics and want to find some help.

Gay+ Men Meditating
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A friendly and safe group for gay+ (gay, bisexual, bi-curious) men who practice meditation and yoga to make friends, support and encourage each other and to practice yoga and meditation together online.

Midnight Kingdom Gaming…
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We're a gaming group that host games and also some role-play on ark & minecraft. - keep Discord and Games clean and friendly. -DiD & Mental-Health Friendly - Open and accepting of furries & scalies -Accepting LGBTQ+ Community + Pronoun -New

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a vibey cord to be in

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Friendly Gaming Fun and chill

Just The Place
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We are gamers, lgbtqia+, streamers, artists, readers, lurkers, veterans, parents, weebs, students & generally just caring people who want to chill together each day.

Station X
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Hello my name is colorful Mercy and everyone / any artist is welcome here!

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Um servidor dedicado aos desenhistas brasileiros!

White Collar Rhymes
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Rappers with jobs... who still rap... but have jobs. But whose main job is not rapping. But we rap. We also stream on Twitch, post on Youtube, and do a weekly podcast!

Lean Esports
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LN esports the new generation

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