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Welcome to CQRGSIE, we're non-toxic and very friendly! We're sure to make you comfortable and safe here! We're chaotic at times...but psh...that doesn't matter. I'll make sure to give you an amazing welcome when you come.. >.<

find people to play games with, you could also promote you're socials in the self-promotion section

Collided🌌Rifts - The best Anime Emote server!

Classic Hard Survival is a place where everyone has equal opportunities. Play in the brand new world with friendly staff. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/JcmNDPpR

This is a newish server that caters to adults with a focus on bdsm and other kinks.

Aero Gaming Community is server for fun , gaming , music , all what one gamer needs , just join , and if you want to support server boost it :)

Bu sunucuda kaynaşabilir ve yazışabilirsiniz.

Small and chill community for fellow people with the same hobbies to gather and chat!

the server isnt gonna be for everyone. if you're still in it, it means you were the right fit. if not, it means you didnt pass the vibe check. come find out if you belong

A friendly, chill server, that isn’t so very strict. Advertising will come soon.

Come join the Mane 6! Looking for clop, friends, or erotic role play? We got it! Or perhaps you’d like to answer our daily question, share your art, and shitpost? If so then the Mane 6 is the mane place you wanna be!

Server for upcoming Modded Minecraft Server, for 1.7.10. Meet other players, establish connections, participate in events, and just chill with everyone. Server launches near Christmas.

Crush is a server where friends can hang out, relax, listen to music, game together, or play with our game bots!

We are a brand new server, looking for new members to join. Level up by talking and being active, make friends, chat with everyone, share thoughts and much more.

Luxuriant Rift was made to be a sanctuary for those who are feel they are alone, feel like they aren't good enough, have problems with their parent or family, or feel they need a place to call home.

❓ нечего говорить Зайди проверь ! https://discord.gg/uAAkr5H