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Vegan Activism Worldwide is a server for a vegan activist community. We are also open to non-vegans

me being dumb, come to do whatever the frick you want as long as its SFW

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Nice, friendly server filled with awesome people and bots! There will also be fun events, talk shows (such as drama night, story night etc.). Prizes will be handed out once we reach every member milestone including winners of contests!

🎄*This Is The **Official Kawaii Devil Community Discord Server**, Here You Can Post Memes, Art, Discuss About Anime, Find People To Play Video Games, And Etc! This Server Is Also LGBTQ Friendly! Most Importantly, You Can Make friends and chill out! 🎁

🌻 the meadow 🌻 prioritizes healing, radical self-love, acceptance, and friendship, all in a friendly, tight-knit community! we offer: ~ a lovely community ❤︎ ~ daily journal prompts ~ game/movie nights/other fun events ~ mutual aid ~ + more!

Yazılım Dilleri, Programlama, Kodlama , Kişisel Gelişim, Kariyer Planlama

Hey! SrMochii here! I am an owner of a discord in which I am trying to grow! We are mainly creators supporting each other in our endeavors as we socialize! We are gamers, both competitive and casual!

Seiya Online is a 3D, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that puts players of all ages deep into the fantastic story of two warring nations.

If you like bananas, join! Even though nothing is about bananas.

a whole community for chill people , if you want cool people to play / spend good times with you definitely join us !

Server for FiveM Custom Clothing!

We are a small server, in growth and we love helping people!

Anyone willing to explore other cultures and know about other religions or is spiritual is welcome. Feel yourself at home and enjoy a journey to the unknown 🌠

The base of operations for my work-in-progress sandbox space game.