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We are a bunch of gamers that aim to create fun and thrilling game sessions. We currently mainly play Among Us and just started to play Minecraft and we have a private 24/7 server. We hope to involve more people that are determined to have a fun time.

FtsMC is a Discord server for a Java Minecraft server. - IRL GIVEAWAYS AND PRIZES!!!

Our Services - Lifetime access to 3-20 daily signals - 24/7 Telegram and Discord life support - Basic information about risk management & educational (video) calls - $30 free trade cash if you deposit a minimum of €10 by bank card (cc)

teafull. -self care category ₊˚੭ . journaling . positivity . mindfulness -lgbtq+ safe, open for partners <3₊˚੭

This server is for people to hang out and talk about games and such. The three head honchos are very amateur streamers who intend to make this server a hub of sorts, but don't want the same "follow for follow" vibe that so many other streamer servers do.

🔥A friendly and safe place to hangout with movie nights and giveaways very often! We also offer free coaching!🔥If you wanna help build a community this is the place for you!🔥

This is the official discord server of "The Brotherhood" from @Brother on instagram.

A roleplay community for Robloxians that play Emergency Response Liberty County. To up rank post a screenshot of your screen clearly showing your avatar, name and rank. No spamming swearing harassing etc.

Bonfire is a frictionless, yield-generating contract that allows you to seek shelter amidst the chaos of the market.

Welcome! Hope you'll enjoy your stay! ✨We're active at almost every time zone, and we'll be doin small giveaways for the people who wants it. It's easy to win, since there's only 100 members!

𖦹 ̣ ˖ ୨୧ ៸៸˚๑ Savvs Coven : is magic THEMED anime server that is a: Welcoming & POC and LGTBQ+ accepting server! ,,where you talk and socialize with other members!

Do you want to be in a server with cute emojis and be able to talk/meet new people? If so, join tomorrow! Our list of cute and great emojis goes on. We also listen to our members. Everyone is welcomed. 🤍

- A place for LGBTQ+ teens to chat and make friends from around the world! We are the Newest, Friendliest, and ONLY discord servers dedicated to gay and other LGBTQ+ teens to chat, meet, and make friends all in one safe-haven server.

💕💕💕Tired of quarantine? Come here to play games, hang out with new or old friends - or find your soulmate😉! We will also host interesting giveaways every month. Non-toxic community!💕💕💕

Romanian Crypto & FX trading community. Elrond Network supporters and eGLD HODLers.