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We host competitions with roles and money as payout. We do a little trolling and also talk about rats and potatoes.

Trippy's Empire is a fun community server that focuses on the entertainment of our members, via many bots to have fun and use, many different themed channels, many different themed vc's, giveaways, game announcements, and many music bots!

We are a new 18+ server that aims to be a safe and uplifting place for everyone! We welcome everybody whether you’re just curious about CG/l or if you’ve been in the lifestyle for several years. We cater to the CG/l community, but we are inclusive to all.

A welcome place to chat and vibe

pog chill area for gaymers

A nice social server! you're all welcome here! no hate, no discrimination, just love and happiness!! fun friends and dates! we are a non-nsfw server so its a family-friendly environment!<3

4chan coding cohort

Ire discord server


Ire is a community based server, with the intentions of feeling like a family type environment. Ire is a very welcoming and active server, with booster and level perks, mental health support, LGBTQIA+ support and a lot of bots to interact with.

A friendly and welcoming community for those who are looking to make new friends and play Among Us!

Tired of the generic giveaway servers, from which you never win? Or from the dead chill-chat servers? Good news - then you’ve come to the right place! In PandaCat you can find: -Active chats - Regular events -Custom games -Interesting channels

│Gentle Elite Rex│ Fresh wipe 1 week ago Sick of servers that wipe every 6 weeks? Come and join Gentle Elite Rex ! We are a 24/7 Xbox/crossplay PvP Cluster. With ruthless 24/7 PvP , dino/player Stats are balanced

A music production server for music makers and music lovers! The place to gain/gather information on music production.

A server for anyone who loves tech. We have a custom bot capable of doing a lot of cool developer tooling like searching Github and StackOverflow

Hello, my name is Filippa and this is my NSFW, join to get previews and buy some of my packages <3

Join to find teammates in all the games you might play! Be active throughout the server to level up and unlock new features in the server

Chill, game, relax, and just have fun here at XIII Reapers, a gothic chill/gaming discord.