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₊˚ learning japanese? ₊˚ want to speak in japanese? ₊˚ want to meet people with similar intrests? 『 come join us in cafe tokyo! 』 what we offer: ꒰ language help channel ꒰ friendly community ꒰ fun and helpful bots

Ez a szerver katonai RP-re, beszélgetésre, gaming-re, valamint kiképzésre lett kitalálva. Itt minden megtehetsz amit egy katonaságnál megtehetnél. Egy jó közösséget szeretnék kialakítani amire aktív, és beszédes embereket várok. Gyere nézz be hozzánk.

We really enjoy danganronpa and anime we also provide venting chats!

Minecraft, Call of Duty Cold War, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege

Friendly NSFW community. Show off, have your photos rated or just hang out and chat!

✧Cyber-Sluts✧ introduces a new concept that it has created its own lane to a virtual club! The server is brand new & we are working towards pleasing our clientele with neo-models. Hop in if you got lusty desires you would like to unleash... the server spe

A social café server that promotes friendships and togetherness with others!

A Server Where Any Guy Can Become My Simp And Worship Me uwu ❤ (This Is A Selling Server, Meaning It's p2p.) I want you to cum for me daddy ❤

Project Harvest is a Halo RP done using Arma 3 and mods through the steam workshop to create an interesting RP experience!

KitKat is all about gaming, tech, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics to participate in, however, we’re always listening to suggestions that our users provide. We also have a custom bot :D Join now, we think you'll like it!

Prem aquí i entra en aquesta magnífica comunitat nacional!

Wir sind ein Deutschsprachiger Community Discord

Hey, my peeps! Welcome to ✦Gaycentral✦ We are a new 18+ LGBTQ+ Fun community come join us in have some fun! We're looking for mods and more active users, especially people who live in different timezones, and night owls!

Here you can hangout with friends or make some new friends, Relate with people and play games. We accept people ages 9+ so try to keep it pg for the kiddies 🌸

Operates Around One Simple Goal: Find You Someone To Play With! Uses Roles To Help You Find Others With The Same Hours/Region/Age (Using These Is Optional But Still Helps!) Whether You Join Is Up To You But I Hope To See You There Soon :)