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Undertale Roleplay Community is an Undertale Roleplay Server dedicated to having high quality Roleplay. Unlike other servers which are filled with one-liners, we have high standards for character submissions and Roleplay.

A server for Nitro users with which you can use double underlined custom emojis. There is 2 channels for testing, feel free to use emotes. NQN Support

SYFT.GG is an online marketplace built by gamers for gamers. Within the platform, you can collaborate with all kinds of gamers and artists, to further monetize and grow your social media presence!

This is a Christian Minecraft server with a spice of toxicity and bootleg busters. This is a dating/hookups/gaming server. If you think this will be a fit for you, we welcome you with open arms! We have give-aways and many events to happen!

This is a small community server. Talk about anime/manga, share your art, play games or just chat and find new friends. This Server has just been created and we see forward to find new member and maybe new friends. ➥ Yama, Owner/Creator ➥ кōуō, Owner

Very fun and friendly server! We just chill mostly

We are a community who play a variety of games, with dedicated game channels. We also have bots and a variety of extra things to do.

Connecting and expanding the DMM community.

Want a higher grade on your essay? Are you looking for a way to procrastinate? Come join Seiji's Study Hall!

Hello if you read this that means you're interested in this server. This server is all about duck's because they're cute. Everyone is welcome even if you don't like duck's. I just want to share my love for duck's.

A friendly programming server that is open to individuals of any skill level or walk of life.

🌙 ⊹ ✧ OuterSpace ✧ ⊹ ⭐️ just a chill and welcoming community where you can make friends.

We are a nice community server with lots to offer like: helpful staff, level roles, lots of fun bots, and our very own Minecraft Server!

👑 High + Admin Ranks Open 👑 ❥┊ Pronoun Roles ❥┊ Free Character Art ❥┊ Organised Ping Roles ❥┊ A Map + Territory Guide ❥┊ In-Server Warrior's Term Guide ❥┊ In-Server Herb-Guide For Med-Cats ❥┊ Accessories Permitted.

Chill server wit chill people and usually active at most times of the day n night. Play games, e-date, watch anime/movies, and vibe. We are a small server trying to grow a community. You can always plug your socials too. Always joking and having fun.

This server is all about fun, role play, Pokémon, art, comics, emotes, and more!