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a safe space for all members of the lgbtqia+ community! any and all welcome!

The official server for EndeavourGameOn's Twitch channel!

We are a Fun, and outgoing server! We love to chill, hangout, and laugh! We support and care for everybody, LGBTQ+, Disabilities, Race, Religion, all your unique things about you! We have a Roblox clothing group, and we cant wait to make friends!

A new chill weeb community that is constantly growing and getting updated. Check our page to see all the features (and future features) offered in our humble server, the only thing missing are active members like YOU!

Minecraft Guns Factions Server

Hello! Welcome to Sesh Inn (session) we are a community driven gaming server that promotes mental health and we support stoners! Please come join and hang out with us in voice or text chat. We'll see you there!

Join the official server of Classic Gaming.

Welcome to The Clubhouse! We're a friendly group of people who play mainly cross-platform games such as: Minecraft, Fortnite, Rocket League, and COD

A server that welcomes any non-toxic dank memer player! Robs are disabled and we will be holding heists and events when our server get bigger.

This is a 18+ server that's trying to create a space where folks who are/like bears and chubs can chat, hang out, and share content together. Regardless of your body type or preference (though you need to be of age), you're welcome to join the conversatio

Join parabex community for everything urbex,paranormal and youtube plus much more

A community, gaming, and advertising server!

OwO Trade Server Ama TÜRKÇE

Just trying to grow a calm gaming community full of fun people!

we are a chill out server meet new people have fun

General gaming server with a strong Halo theme. A good place to find halo related mods or make friends. We also run an Unturned server packed with Halo content.