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Hey! SrMochii here! I am an owner of a discord in which I am trying to grow! We are mainly creators supporting each other in our endeavors as we socialize! We are gamers, both competitive and casual!

Siz de türklerle oyun oynamak istermiydiniz? Şimdi atom krallık kayıt botu ile kayıt olun ve hemen arkadaş bulun

GUITAR PIT - A filthy discord revolving around the degeneracy involved with terminal guitar buying.

Cyborg Monkey Gaming Lounge! We are a Gaming Network based in many games. These games include, but are not limited to: PUBG, Fortnite, Rocket League, Among Us, ARK: Survival Evolved, GTA V, RDR 2, Call of Duty, and many more to come.

Bruh Pablo wants you to join. Remember, pablo sees all! We also have 18+ channels

We are a area where dating is allowed and we do game/ movie nights every weekend! Just come to hangout and chill.

We are an RDO posse that strives to spread equality and fairness amongst the rdr2 community by assisting outlaws through the difficulties within Red Dead Redemption Online.

Vistas is a great furry community for all kinds of people with lots of channels for different hobbies and interests. The server is SFW only. We host lots of giveaways too!

just join if you want to make friends lol no age range

Vegan Activism Worldwide is a server for a vegan activist community. We are also open to non-vegans

A chill, small community looking to grow and meet new people! Friendly members and mods :)

Super herní server.

IVX Chats is a community based server that started out with just me and da bois but its grown significantly. Please join this server if you like hatting or if you are seeing this, just give it a try.

https://brave.com/?ref=sun869 Stocks/shares Crypto Futures Games Memes

a small sever with dreams of becoming a big server

this is a discord server where you can casually talk with kpop buddies and promote your twitch with fellow twitch streamers! you dont have to be involed in kpop to join! <3