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Chill Community No toxic All Gamers! Just hit 100 members

Social Server. Under construction...

OwO Trade Server Ama TÜRKΓ‡E

Here is a basic 13+ rp server! Furries and lgptq+ member 100% welcome!

This is a server dedicated to the RWBY characters Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee. We welcome anyone who enjoys these characters, talk about the show, art, fanfiction and anything in between.

This Server you can meet new friends so come and join us! https://discord.gg/hXup8xfYYZ

Do you like Cyan? So join our team. By the way, we also have fun channels to join our server to join them

Snazz is a community server with over 120 members and growing! It has 60 channels+ and 50+ reaction roles to keep customised and seeing only what you want, the people in there are amazing and everything is well moderated :D You are always welcome! <3

Who is Revelation Studios Gaming? Well Josh is your crazy ass dude that chill guy that loves a good old joke with everyone, He is a cool guy who is friendly and welcomes all! SO..What are you waiting on Press that JOIN Button!

A clean server for gaming and chatting.

Are you a retro gamer on twitch? I am looking for the best retro gamers to bring the retro gaming category to the top of twitch's listings and make partner for us all. If you win game after game join me as we rise!

an server for your warzone camos

R9 Esports is a Community Gaming Server for all games, we also have a esports team where anyone can join so if you need a team, we're the one for you Make sure to join!

Everyone that joins is given a full admin role in the server, your are free to do whatever you want.