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full of hot toxic egirls and orbiters! if you play league of legends or love toxicity this is your server we play all kinds of games from R6 siege to even ROBLOX

Stonks. Crypto. Resale. Sneakers. eCommerce. Resources Community.

👋 We are the ArchonMC. An upcoming Minecraft server that focuses on NO pay to win aspects. We made this server for the players and is made by the players. ✅ Unique discord bots ✅ Amazing Staff ✅ Early Access to Minecraft updates

IQ3 discord server


A small discord server...

Chatting and gaming, make friends and send funny videos.

Hello! I Have Created This Community With Farore, We decided to start this community because we have always wanted to start an community where we can play games, more info will be below.

United is a Place Where Gamers Can Unite and compete in tournaments in games they love and talk with other gamers, Join now!

Welcome To The Free Nitro And Boosts Giveaways Server, Have A Good Time And Good Luck :)

We hold events amd game sessions, We also aren't too picky on rules

A non-professional support group for those who are preferring to speak to those who may be in the same boat and understand them without having to sign up for sites or wait weeks. This group is brand new and has just been started. Looking for moderators.

hi!! if you’re looking for a server to be able to vc, play idv, and genshin, feel free to hop in! we’re super nice and chill, just as long as you are. for idv, asia server is preferred, and for genshin, na/eu works fine. 13-18 is the age range, btw!!!

╭ ‧₊˚๑ ‧₊˚⊹〉welcome to 🔪 ๑՞. Hanako Hang out ๑՞.⋆🔪 ~ │ ╰ ‧₊˚ what we have ✧・゚: ✧・゚::・゚✧:・゚✧ ꒰🔪꒱ Hanako themed ꒰🔪꒱ swears are allowed but not to hurt anyone ꒰🔪꒱ friendly community ꒰🔪꒱ Lots of channels and VCs ꒰🔪꒱ roles and colors 🔪✧・゚: ✧・゚::・゚

18+, female only gaming server

A small discord server that wants to expand and I am open to recommendations for new chats on different games if there is a big enough community in the server for it.