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a fun communty with nice people and no rules

Memes, Chat, or just hang out in voice

We stream anime every other day. We watch seasons together or movies depending what wins the poll Anime Streaming has a custom Waifu bot, it's still in the beta so if you have any issues please let us know.

We would love to have you here in our server, so why not take this chance and join now?

A server for matchmaking for the Overcooked! franchise! Come join us if you're into this cooking multiplayer madness! We have matchmaking for all major platforms the games have released on!

Op de Discord server van Sanicare kunt u informatie terug vinden over wie wij zijn, ons assortiment en de laatste updates en nieuwsberichten.

Join the discord, talk, hang out, and have fun!

Hello We are gaming central, Our server includes games like minecraft, roblox, fortnite and rocket league. You can also get payed to be a mod in our server! You can make alot of new friends on our server. We also do giveaways

-Server for thrashers (any subcultures welcomes though) -13+ -Self roles -Partnerships -Share music -Make friends

Join now for the largest leaks!

Nice, friendly server filled with awesome people and bots! There will also be fun events, talk shows (such as drama night, story night etc.). Prizes will be handed out once we reach every member milestone including winners of contests!

Salut !, Voici le discord de la QCFR ! Mais qu'es que la QCFR vous allez me dire...et bah c'est la Quebec-France , un groupe pour jouez a plusieurs jeux mobile ensemble et fondé un grosse communauté ! si tu parle Français , peut importe d'où tu viens et l

A server all about entertainment. Listen to music, read Reddit posts and more!

If you like bananas, join! Even though nothing is about bananas.

Welcome ➳ Gogys Shop bestie ?!?!?!? This is a server taht loves dsmp and georgenotfound come pls ly bae

A server dedicated to gaming. There is a strong pokemon community, but there are channels for other games and suggestions are always welcomed! We do raids, giveaways, and more! Check us out!