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hey, :3 just chat with me im so lonely ;-; lol anyways please join! i just want friends ;-;

A small but fast growing community of gamers. Looking for staff

A karuta server that’s simply just for fun! No toxicity no drama, tons of giveaways and it’s not a clan. Come join us and meet all of us!

A sever for anyone who wants to talk with other people.

D4RK W3B is a service that gives you the option of inexpensive Network Booting, Sites Booting, VPN Accounts, Netflix Accounts and many more!

A brand new server for devs who want to share and create. A server for relaxing and coding. If I can grow this community, that would nice! It's not so much about knowing everything but getting together. I would love to see you come on to this server!

Comunity italiana di gaming, tutti sono invitati a entrare se lo desiderano.

At Cassiopeia, you will find the most welcoming of places; an inclusive LGBTQIA+ Discord server. Cassiopeia is a safe space in the middle of today's hectic world. A place where all identities are accepted.

π”ˆπ”©π”¦π”± π”“β„œΔ°π”π”ˆ presenter is a Community presenter, thanks in advance to friends who are aware of this. The purpose here is to chat, have fun, play games, have a good time.

ΰ­¨ : join us ___˚. β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š roles&clrs β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š movies,games,giveaways β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š aes emotes β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š mixed community β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š active vcs

This discord server was made for the purpose of helping out newer players that play the game Wasteland Survival.

This server is for all fandoms! Talking, owl house, furries, drawing, anime, Hilda. Most likley everything combined. Feel free to join! Read rules and this place is safe for all fandoms! A fun SFW server.

This Is My Server BOIS MOKSH's Minecraft Server

❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ NSFW - Fully customisable tags - Find people to dm - *Verified users get access to nudes channel* - Friendly atmosphere - Need staff / mods still a growing server ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

Come join and sell accounts and trade, Cheap accounts. Come and Vibe with us.

Hey we're a comic server focused on just enjoying the medium and respecting people's tastes and opinions.