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Hiiiii, I'm Reed, I'm an idiotic Witch with interests that want to be shared. If you like Witchcraft or p Spiritual healing, join the server! Fairly new to creating servers, so report any issue! Thank you! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

This is a Server where you can talk about a lot of cool things like Android and Phones!

We are a welcoming community that has a love for arts and games. There is tea-themed level roles and we have a range custom made emotes.

This is a Dungeon Quest based server. Dungeon Quest is a roblox game!

V1olets discord server!

A 2D Puppet realm set in the magical lands of D&D. Hang out, talk about the show and D&D in general, be merry.

YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO JOIN THIS SERVER!! This server talks about serial killers, notable murders, and killings. It is, at times, NSFW. We also talk about unsolved Mysteries, cuts/extremists, conspiracies theories and much much more!

We are passionate about helping people come to figure out what they want in life, and we hope you'll join us and come to realize your desires.

We have re-opened Hoarders of hats to the public! Your favorite channels should still be here! Hoarders of hats is a friendly and fun community , we hope to see you here soon.

We love helping and are mostly always on so come chill with us.

Where Destiny 2 players can come hangout and play.

Friendly Land is a fun lace to build things, hangout, and explore! We have two β€œtowns” in Friendly Land, Cover Hills and Spawn Hills! You can build in either towns. Feel free to ask an admin or Lucas the owner to add a protection sign!

Mercari Sellers & Buyers Join!

This is the official Kenny Hotz from Kenny vs Spenny Discord server! Come join Kenny and have a great time with the other fans.

This is a community for any and all people interested in computers and programming.

Osiris is a 2d metaverse game on mobile & pc. Cosmic Kids are NFT avatars of Osiris which grant access & earn you crypto.