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welcome to discord’s home of the weebs, gamers, and introverts! here you can chat with people, play games, voice chat, and more! (also, the server is toilet bound hanako-kun themed!)

chill server with cute aesthetics, bots, and more

We Offer Cheap Prices In ALL LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ITEMS💸 That can be sent via gift🎁. You want new Champions and Skins? But it's too expensive? Join us and get cheaper Skins/Champions ♥ https://sellix.io/NoxusShop

Good day! The Tavern is a community server aimed at the 16+ crowd, gaming, art, content creation are all welcome!

MoneyRain | Beta | Traders&Programmers Community Server | Sicherer Platz: Kein NFSW | Deutscher Server • Coming soon: Server in english

Hey, we're a small server that just started up. We take jokes to the extreme but remember - everything we post is nothing personal and there are many great people here to have fun with!

This is my community and I aim to make it popular.

You play a game? We'll have the voice channel! Log in and meet players with similar gaming interests! Join in, play games, have fun, and GAME on!

I post Unreleased music everyone from some of your favorite rappers! Join and get access to all the unreleased music out!

We are a brand new apocalypse roleplay server :) Please check our long description out for a nice summary, we welcome you with open arms :D

We are a community based around Artists, Gamers, and other types of hobbies and careers. We would love to see you join and create new friends and share some of your amazing talents!

A community for gamers to gain communal support and have fun together!

A fun place wher yo can chat about all types of books comics and manga!

building a community of like minded, chill, fun gamers.

A roleplay server for Kingdom Hearts based on FFD20

Good community for coders and botdevs.