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ₓ˚. ✧˚ This is a server for kpop fans, this server can be used to interact with people and make new friends that are also kpop stans, come join, we'll be happy to see you there ˚ ✧ .˚ₓ

Unlock your trading potential! Top Down technical analysis, education, stock market data and more.

A server for any and all Air Simulator enthusiasts from DCS and War Thunder all the way to SimplePlanes and Infinite flight

Chat Buy Sell Play games Advertise Read Watch Learn Earn etc

Looking for a collaborative server? PLD is the server for you! PLD is all about collaborating with each other, sharing our ideas, and more! We have a goal to create a game with the community, for the community.

A server that welcomes any non-toxic dank memer player! Robs are disabled and we will be holding heists and events when our server get bigger.

A server for learning many kinds of languages!

💬 Chill Active Community • 🎉 Giveaways • 😂 Emojis • 🎥 Events • Self Promo • Self advertise

Elite Tourney is an online platform hosting competitive Call of Duty warzone tournaments with prize money and merchandise. Fun, fair, transparent. Compete, Dominate, Win!

Age of Octavia is a **Medieval Fantasy**, **16+** server. We have very simple, straightforward lore, set races, and a gorgeous world to get to know and explore. We are an active RP community. Join us!

Welcome to the Chill Hub! This is a community where you can chat, chill, and make friends! Whether you are joining because you are alone, or even bored in quarantine, we welcome you and are proud to honor you! Anime lovers, gamers, we've got it all!

Small server just there to chat and chill and play some games talk about anime play lotta League/Siege atm


ULTIMATE Gaming network for viewers and streamers as we offer entertainment channels, competitions, FREE GIVEAWAYS and more for all our viewers and fans but also for our streamers we offer a sponsorship programme to help your grow your community!

Join our community in discussions about all things TTRPG. D&D 5e, Vampire The Masquerade v5, Pathfinder 2e & more! From RPG systems to character creation and miniature painting. We welcome all adventurers, explorers & time travelers!

Somebody's Universe is a chill community looking for people to hang out and talk. The server is based off our old one which was named "This Fun Server" and it was mainly a gaming server for surviv.io. You can even partner with us!