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A place to hangout and talk with other Crab Gang fans. in here you can get access to some of the parts of Crab Gang that others can't like the exclusive giveaways, stream announcements and a possibly a chance to talk to the people who make the vids.

Atlantis is a new, welcoming server with many bots and future Nitro GWS!

Welcome to The Empire! A strategy game focused server that has a Democratic Rank system based off of the 2nd German Empire. We also welcome players of any game and we have a constantly updating feed of fresh memes. Look Forwards to seeing you around!

This is where I’m a try hard to make the BEST sever I would love if you joined and got me up to 100 people.

We are a server dedicated to bringing a community that loves discussing things related to music. Feel free to chill and meet new friends. This server will also help you find new tracks that you might enjoy!

⚡ Slurpy Shop⚡ New custom server quality chats, voice chats and bots and community interaction prioritization on feedback. FEATURES •Fun Bots •Friendly Moderators & Members •lots of text channels •Proper moderation •more features to come

Seeking for a place where you can share your thoughts and analysis? Crypto explorers is all about collaboration, analysis and the urge to research the crypto space. To the moon, together! 🚀

A free cookgroup dedicated to help our members make the most out of reselling as well as educating our member how to buy, sell, trade almost anything of their interest. We host many giveaways with awesome prizes so you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Everyone gets admin on July 4th.

Writing Commission Studio is for clients looking for a professional writer to realize their stories, fanfic, and game projects.

Hi! this is a new server dedicated to being a small gaming team for now, we are just starting from the shadows I'm we'd like to show you what is available here! Counting! Upcoming humble community! mod applications!

A nice community with room to grow.

Adrenaline is a server to make friends. We have people who play video games, watch anime, or just like talking. There's always something going on, why don't you chime in?

pls join and share with friends!

Zábavný malý server kde najdeš spoustu funkcí a všechno co potřebuješ k maximálnímu uspokojení :D (taky jsou tu roomky na garticphone.io)

Create your own roadshow! Be a Culture Catalyst! share your creative signals! tune into others. shameless cross & self promotion, vast array of topics & events 5 music streaming channels. 4 Performance arts channels + HELLLLLLLLA MORE <3