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Vibe Zone is a server dedicated to gaming and chillin out with others! You can participate in events, join voice chats, gamble away all your money and a lot more!

Why should you join Chat Room? Well there are many reasons you should. We love to talk about whatever, we are all nice and kind, and we are active all of the time!

Join soapys planet to make new friends, play games together, talk about your interests, and more!

fun server to talk a lot of fun things to do

Need help in class? Wanna help others too? This is the server for you. We are a community where anyone can ask for help and help others with no judgement.

4chan based discord Server with channels dedicated for /b/ /r9k/ /s/ similar image boards from 4chan but transitioned on to text-channels. Active community with a wide variety of dedicated discussion channels. Limited rules.

This is an entirely new server, so there's only a couple of us. We're just looking to make a new, close knit community for people who'd like to just hang out and chat. Roles, emotes, VC, movies, streams, nsfw! Suggestions welcome.

We are a growing community of ages 13+. We strive to grow into a large friendly community. Come chat, relax, and play games with us!

New ✦ Chill ✦ SFW ✦ Small ☰=====================☰ Hi! Welcome to The Hangout. We aren't super commercialized like most servers, and try to always put the users first.

We are in an Upsidedown-World With stuff like pollution Pandemics Bad people and other stuff here is the place to talk about it.

A cool place to meet and game with new people.

A gaming server for just switch games.

18+ discord server


Astoņpadsmit+ ir galvenokārt eSports kanāls, kur variet atrast spēlētājus no CS:GO, Warzone, LOL, Smite un citām spēlēm. Ja tev nav 18 gadi, tas nenozimē, ka tu nevari mums pievienoties. Tev jābūt veselai saprašanai, esi draudzīgs un mierīgi vari ar mums

This is an among us server that wants to grow and get more people into among us! We have people that you can talk to in #talk and anytime you want to play among us with friends you can go here! Just make sure to follow the rules!

Tom's fancy house We're always looking for boosts and staffs We have friendly members and bots Simple rules Family friendly Self roles Members can request features Pls join and don't leave