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Currently need active members and members who would like to be admins/mods in the future!

a whole new world to explore!new people to meet!you may even be part of the seven deadly sins :O

Hello everyone, We are looking for new members to join our new discord server. It's a fun environment to chat, meet friends, play games and share experiences. Come join in. 💎❤️✌️

This is basically my YouTube Channel Server, I'm hoping to reach my specific goal in my YouTube career.

Our server is a nice community. We are here just to chill and talk. Come join us!

Olá o server Hacktivity Raccoons, e um server pequeno que visa acolher programadores, e hacker's de todos os tipos.

Création serveur est un serveur qui permet de passer des commandes totalement gratuitement pour créer votre serveur discord ! Nous pouvons aussi vous aider dans la configuration de votre serveur et de vos bots !

This server is based on a rapper named Lil Peep. In the server Lil Peep Fans, we offer a welcoming community with many channels, voice chats, events/activities, great ways to socialize and make new online friends, many emojis and self roles, and much more

We are a discord server that offer great community with a family friendly environment Yes no nsfw here we play Minecraft Roblox and more we host our own Minecraft seasonal server with a 24/7 staff team and an organize community.

╭୨୧⋮⊹✎✧ FETTY'S INFO 📓 ┊,⁺ A chill hangout/packing server where u can make friends, pack, vc with friends, chat with friends, vc with people u don't know. ┊,⁺ **Rules:** https://discord.com/terms ╰୨୧・ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

A mysterious island that doesn't show up on any map. Full of signs of human life, yet also lacking in any people living there.

Gaming centre for everyone. Post YouTube videos, promotions, games including Injustice2 Mobile, Roblox, Minecraft, AmongUs, Pokémon and much more. A fun and friendly place to hangout and interact with ppl from all over the world. Welcome to join in

A Server that you can meet new people and have fun with us!

Gaming community that host tournaments and plays casual games together. Everyone knows each other on a personal level and is super friendly!

PlayIdle is a new online game where you can grind, chat, rob, show off, hustle, join clans, earn gold, xp, levels, awards - Tons of things.

In questo server puoi trovare notizie su diversi giochi, puoi stare in compagnia in chat vocale e farti nuove amicizie. All'interno del server vi sono videogiocatori e programmatori disponibili per consigli e partite amichevoli.