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Freebies, streaming events, giveaways and help channels for digital planner, journals, notetaker and artists enjoying stationery without wasting paper. We use Goodnotes, Procreate, Notability, Affinity Designer, Noteshelf, Zoomnotes and more.

Official Gen-Z Server. Offering Nitro giveaways, LGBT chats, and a friendly community !

Hangout Server, with loads to do! We have an active team, members and more. Some of the things we have are: - Giveaways - Custom Roles - Identity Roles (pronouns etc.) - Weekly Quizzes - Much more!

Hey, wanna join and help us build our friendly community? Just come on in, invite your friends and family too! We accept art, we do events and cussing is allowed. But we don't allow inviting to other servers, unless you get permission by admin. Bye!

In our discors channel you can join a community of gamers from around the world! Chill, game, have an exciting time!

Need help in class? Wanna help others too? This is the server for you. We are a community where anyone can ask for help and help others with no judgement.

Join us for a potassium-filled good time!

This is an entirely new server, so there's only a couple of us. We're just looking to make a new, close knit community for people who'd like to just hang out and chat. Roles, emotes, VC, movies, streams, nsfw! Suggestions welcome.

We are a growing community of ages 13+. We strive to grow into a large friendly community. Come chat, relax, and play games with us!

New ✦ Chill ✦ SFW ✦ Small ☰=====================☰ Hi! Welcome to The Hangout. We aren't super commercialized like most servers, and try to always put the users first.

Hello! This server is all about helping you with your homework and has an amazing community alongside it. Simple idea but never hurts to join if you need help in the future or just want a place to talk. :slight_smile:

A cool place to meet and game with new people.

A gaming server for just switch games.

18+ discord server


Astoņpadsmit+ ir galvenokārt eSports kanāls, kur variet atrast spēlētājus no CS:GO, Warzone, LOL, Smite un citām spēlēm. Ja tev nav 18 gadi, tas nenozimē, ka tu nevari mums pievienoties. Tev jābūt veselai saprašanai, esi draudzīgs un mierīgi vari ar mums

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