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This Is A New Version Of Discord Gaming Sever

- This Is A LGBTQ+ Safe Server - There Is A Lot Of Voice Calls To Join And Talk In - Reading, Studying, Music And Singing Voice Calls - Lot's Of Emojis! - Self Roles - Channels For Profile Pictures

it's a server for people who likes muffin

A Fun and Friendly Community which is just starting to grow. We hope you join and have fun!

Talk and discuss some of the worlds biggest unsolved crime cases, mysterious unknown cases and share what you think really is happening behind the locked away forgotten crimes and unknown.

Rust Takeover-Major Zergs-Tarkov Squads

Vibe Zone is a server dedicated to gaming and chillin out with others! You can participate in events, join voice chats, gamble away all your money and a lot more!

We have re-opened Hoarders of hats to the public! Your favorite channels should still be here! Hoarders of hats is a friendly and fun community , we hope to see you here soon.

The Bara Furry/Anime Community Discord is a place to hang out and discuss about said + available topics around the server.

hello! we would like for you to join our server! in this server we do multiple role-plays , voice chats for gaming like among us and modern warfare, and music voice chats as well! we are open to many other ideas as well.

fun server to talk a lot of fun things to do

We play games.

we are a discord sever/Studio that makes Roblox games. We are up and coming and are trying change the community and make it better. We offer a lot of things And will be happy to welcome any one in.

This server is mainly used to help you get any scroll,jin,or jutsu.

Auf dem Server könnt ihr mit anderen Zocken,reden,chatten usw.... Der Server ist dazu da um Spaß zu haben und ist auch noch im Aufbau. Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr joinen würdet. ;)

We are a welcoming community, we do giveaways, events, FOTD, and fun polls! we have around 300 emojis to use and an active community to talk to and meet new friends. You are welcomed to join whenever.