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A discord that likes to play and talk about Apocalypse Rising 2 A game on roblox. We are a friendly community that also likes to talk about the game and provide groups to go out and scavenge the Apocalypse.

Hi! welcome to my discord server! Its all about anime. if you wanna make more weeb friends then i would say that you could find some here! im always free to talk too and play with! If you ever wanna talk or rant about anime then feel free to dm me!

Live trading, 100% free no payment needed, fundamentals of trading.....

**In this server you can chat with friends or new people, play with dank memer, listen to music with rythm, ask people to play video games/games, get roles by leveling up, and overall just have a good time!****

A safe, helpful, and hospitable art server intended to help people grow and in turn help others grow along with them.

Nerds Anonymous, A Discord that is 18+ and all about Nerds. We are a group of gamers, streamers, anime lovers and everything else nerd / geek related.

Server for FiveM Custom Clothing!

server para fazer amizades

My server is still growing so there are still some major flaws but we are a fun chatting server and would love for you too join if you don’t join it is truly okay but put some thought into joining.

╭⋟─︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵─╮ ★〜 cavern rules 〜★ ╰── ・ 。゚sparkles: .crescent_moon. :star2. ───⋞╯ ꒰★꒱ bats cavern is a cuteish themed server! ꒰★꒱ we welcome a kind and supportive community which accepts everyone~ ♡

This server enjoys a healthy discussion on cloud computing technology especially cloud hosting. Currently, the server has AWS & Google geeks who can respond to AWS & Google Cloud queries

Looking for a Place to Relax, Play Some Games or Just Chat About Your Favourite Tech, Games, Anime etc? The Astral Plane offers 🔰Loads of roles for a more personal experience 🔰Areas for pretty much any subject you want 🔰Plenty of helpful bots

We are a server for sharing porn and adult (18+) fun. We are not here for dating, support, advertising, music, politics, religion, etc. Those things should be done in DM's.

A fan made english community for other fans of the korean otome mobile game [LoveUnholyc]. Feel free to join in for more content such as game facts, full walkthroughs, tips and tricks.