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A chill server where you can meet new people and just generally enjoy chatting with different people! We are new server so kinda less member and not much active. We are aware of it so, please join and let's grow it together.

Aqua's Avenue is inspired by Aqua from Konosuba, which mostly revolves around the bot Karuta.

A Discord server for swingers in the Minnesota area. Must be 21+. No exceptions.

A friendly cultural server. Everyone welcome along with uncultured people (excluding toxic ppl and pedophiles) No toxic, child-grooming mods. Female members get their own permissions for extra anti pedo security. A very small server, but we will grow :)))

A newborn server with the hopes to bring diverse Roblox players together

Brand new MHA server, looking for staff and people to roleplay! OC RP, extremely friendly.

There are so many worlds. But this world is epic. The world called World of music is a world where every music fan wants to come

πŸ“Œ Divulgação do seu server 100% Free πŸ“Œ Suporte para criação de bots para Discord πŸ“Œ Chats para linguagens de programação: Python, C, Java, Arduino, etc. πŸ“Œ Chats de jogos:

Join this server. You will be happy once you do.

Serveurs Discord FR Actif i love cat :https://discord.gg/rAuSuEz3

Self promotion server and server promotions

Chill, chat, discuss or just play music!

you yes, you stop scrolling feeling lonely and need friends? you came to the right place! in this server, we filled with cool people. what r u waiting for? come and hang out with us!

This server hosts a number of players focusing on mainly survivor games, Fps shooters and coop Story games. if you are interested we are more than happy to welcome you upon our small and growing community!