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Magicland is a Minecraft Bedrock edition server and an SMP in development where you can have fun with your friends and meet new people!

User Generated Awards is a Roblox Awarding Foundation that focuses on Awarding Games that they feel require more reputation and has more functionality than other games. The User Generated Awards is ran and developed by Ilyas and his Team.

Join or host your own anime/tv show watching session!

Yoooooooo @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Join here and let's play some League Of Legends ~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

A gaming and community server!

All things Hip-Hop, Anime and Gaming.

i due twitch i can maybe play with u my twitch is twitch.tv/spective my twitter is https://twitter.com/spective4 come and join XD

Join us in Chill Zone, a fairly new server where u can chill and talk about anything, we have channels for: - Games - Memes - NSFW - Bots - Anime and Manga - Music - Music Bot - Art - Movies and many more Bring your friends.

18+ server Wanna make friends? Play Games? Talk about anime? Please join us!

Dead by Daylight Hacking Server! We offer Legacy, Item Replacement, prestige, and bloodpoints for such a very low price! We will also sell you our bypass if interested! It's quick, affordable, safe, and legit!

Hiya! If you like femboys, scat, or getting dirty, you should join this server! Subreddits are posted directly into the server in a multitude of channels! We have loads of kinks supported, and I am always looking to add more! Come check us out!

The Pokemon Ultra Roleplaying Game is a multi-faceted game based on the Pokémon saga. You start as a with a single Pokémon, working your way to capture new friends while battling, writing, roleplaying, and making art along the way.

The official discord server of Mace48Gaming! Chat and discuss topics about Minecraft, Call of Duty and Mace48Gaming's Videos! Have Fun! :)

This is a community where you can meet fellow gamers that play Among Us and have a great time!

REBOOT is a technology oriented community discord server with openings for absolutely everyone of all experience levels. We have a tech support team to help you with your problems as well! Join now and apply for staff at your wish!

🎮 Welcome to PC GAMER ENTHUSIASTS! - We're a community dedicated to PCMR and PC hardware stuff. Talk about the 3080 Ti and the new Ryzen processors in here. - Ever need help with your setup? This is the community for you!