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Do you enjoy servers that have themes? Well then, you'll love Neoya Empire! This server is based around kingdom stuff. Don't believe me? The general channel is called #northern-square! All of the roles are based on ranks within kingdoms as well.

Minecraft community is a friendly discord group mainly focused on helping peoples minecraft servers.

A small but fast growing community of gamers. Looking for staff

Everything Comedy and Tim Dillon

Welcome to Aesthetix! We are a chill server, but the server is a work in progress, and we hope to see you! We have bots, fun people and staff, and many more!

GTA V roleplay

A Danganronpa Roleplay Server including Canon Characters and OCs! anon character

Boo! (Hello wonderful person, Hushedweirdo is all about making friends, gaming with people, talking in streams and lastly it also has a support feature to help you in these difficult times.)

Hello! and welcome to ロキ Roki!!☻ We have many things to enjoy here!

We have a looking for players area for players that need people to play with we have multiple channels for trio arean duos and any team mode that comes out in arena we have two develpers and are looking for mods we stream all the time hope you join!

This is the official liltjay discord.

Bruh you like hentai? Epic people? Terrible jokes? Then tf you waitin for? Get in here!!! This server is full of fantastic people and plenty of things to talk about all the time. Cant wait to see you there:)

Fun and gamey and memey server.

Lordce live is an interactive place for all to join, we host podcasts, games, special events, movie nights, anything u want! we're constantly trying to improve and still have a bunch of special things in store for all! Be sure to join!

Gaming! Anime! Meme! secret NSFW! and cool emojis! xd just join here!

Are you tired of all these minecraft servers that all just seem to be the same with factions skyblock and they all have kits? Just want a vanilla experience? The Order of Light is a simple smp server for those who want just vanilla minecraft multiplayer