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A mysterious island that doesn't show up on any map. Full of signs of human life, yet also lacking in any people living there.

Basically we are messing with our friend with this server and would love for anyone to join, (it would help with the joke

This is my new esports team called team N0BL3 we plan to be on the top one day so join up and join us on our journey to the top. #N0BL3onTOP

Hello! I'm ReasonableGrape and I am here to provide an opportunity.

German vegan community. Der Weg ist das Ziel! Komm in unser Traumland!

NoFap, its just a community that helps each other to stop watching p*rn.

Welcome to City-27, located in Auckland, New Zealand. City-27 is one of the last remaining urban centres left after The Universal Union liberated earth. Will you serve your Benefactors, or fight a war you can never win?

My server is the best beacuse has anime pets memes media hilglights cilps

Gaming Server with a lot to do, great games to play, a place to make friends, and so much more! β€”β€”πŸ…œπŸ…’ πŸ…₯πŸ…˜πŸ…‘πŸ…”πŸ…£πŸ…žπŸ…¦πŸ…β€”β€” ✦ Active games on both Minecraft versions (bedrock and java), among us, Town of Salem, roblox, and more to come!

Eesti kommuun! SΓ΅bralik ja aktiivne seltskond! Erineme teistest!

We all about raiding other servers and spreading chaos. We are still recruiting people so we in the beginning process but when we have enough people.

Auf diesem Server finden Sie: πŸ’Š SCRIPTS πŸ”₯ HUD 🏑 MAPS πŸŽ“ JOBS πŸš„ VEHICLES πŸ“² PHONES πŸŽ₯ LOADING SCREENS πŸ’‚ ANTICHEATS 🧼 SERVERS πŸ‘• EUP 🐌 NO-PIXEL πŸ“— Q-BUS πŸ“— ESX πŸ“— Server Dumps

A place for free music and sound fx for all your projects

A friendly octoling only Splatoon 2 community.

Definitely not a server-based off of refunding (; There is low member count cause all my servers got banned so we are deciding to start fresh!