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Sharing and mutual aid - Non-profit organization. Governed by the French law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901.

This is a creative space for Producers and Singers to Collab!

if you like danganronpa and rp then you should join this server

JOIN IN NOW 1....BECOME KING 🤴 2....VOTING SYSTEM 🗳 3....ANIME / MANGA📚 4....RARE ROLE GIVEAWAY 🧟‍♂️🦸‍♂️👮‍♂️🧛‍♂️ 5....GAMES🕹🎮🎰 ❗JOIN NOW☺✒

We create Minecraft and other Videos/Movies. We try to upload each week.

This server is made for mtg people who have rules questions that came up in a game, or while deckbuilding to see if something works the same way you think it does. We also help people who want to become mtg judges to sharpen their skills.

This is the server for you to enjoy the world of wizards and magics, as of in Harry Potter movies.

SMB discord server


On this server, we exchange tips about trading and finance with the goal of financial stability.

We offer investment management with maximum profit payouts in every 24hours We are one of the best trading channel around: - Consistent market updates - Highly accurate and detailed trades - Quality education content

community / Advertising / chilling / Rsps Community/ Rsps

A fun place to meet friendly people, share artwork, bond over humor, vote on silly polls, jam to music, and play games. Come join in on the positive vibes.<3

Temas divertidos, juegos, música chsrlas, y más... Espero disfruten

The Oasis - Hello and welcome to The Oasis. We are a friendly and supportive discord server with the goal of supporting each other.

Recently created discord server aimed at helping LGBT+ 18+ content creators expand their audience while also connecting them with other content creators and their fans. NSFW, Lewd channels + more!

-Patch updates on latest and trending games, check each game channel -Text adventure games INCLUDING: Epic RPG, Pokemeow -Self promotion for all your stuff -A place you can share fun and cool articles, memes and chat -Game servers, mods etc

Fun, friendly, NSFW server for everyone to enjoy and meet new people!