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A Community server that allows you to network with other artists. Self Promo channels, Temporary Channels, Vocal Presets, and more. <SoundCloud Artist we want you> but you ou don't have to make music to join the community Discover underground artists

A friendly server where you can socialize and chill, meet new people and make new friends. We are Semi-Toxic with a friendly staff team. Join us and enjoy your stay!

welcome new Guardians to the Games LFG & Chat Happy Holidays and all new friends. We are happy you are to hang out in our party mansion.

Unity development server for help and Unity discussion

Video games family/LFG for a bunch of popular games. Everyone gets along and open to add game channels/meme channels/ect. Bring your friends, level up and hop in and make some new video game friends

A new Square Enix game in Final Fantasy series called Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin made by Team Ninja! Coming to Playstation, Xbox and PC in 2022.

Hedwig's Haven is a fun place for adult Potterheads from around the world to have fun. We have games, activities, giveaways and so many activities. Join your Hogwarts house to compete for the House Cup! Join us if you like Harry Potter!

From a stranger to a team

We are a family-friendly server that is filled with Pokémon lovers, and an expansion to ACNH is on the horizon. There are daily shiny raids, daily giveaways, free services for Gen 7/Gen 8 games, and so much more! Come join us to have a great time!

Free Twitch Followers! 100%legit! Use /tfollow to get free twitch followers!

Looking to chill and play some FPS games with some friends. This is the place for you. Were looking to start a community based on teamwork and communication. Promote your streams. Get game updates. Grow with us from the beginning.

A kind judge free-zone to talk to people about anime, or if you want to get into watching anime, everyone will be willing to give you some recommendations

16+ pls no offense to little people

Cool server to just talk and hangout

Dead by daylight shop, -> Bloodpoints, prestige, level, rank changer, all skins and dlc and more