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Neon Sofa is a fun getaway from IRL, join and meet some new friends! ;)

On this server you can advertise servers, bots, and social networks for free and easily!

🎧>The Meemze Server<🎧 If you like gaming, music, memes or just a server to chat with mates. Then our server is for you. Join today!

A Fun little server meant for bringing the Halo Communtiy together

Anime and Chill Anime Games Stream Anime Game and Chill JRPG Memes Friendly All Games Gifs WELCOMES ALL!!

Starry Eyes is a brand new and organized semi-traditional, semi-literate Warrior Cats RP. Looking for that balance of users that love the Warriors and Creative freedom? Then Starry Eyes is just for you! We have High Positions available and Staff!

Gaming Community That Have MTA Roleplay Server , SAMP Roleplay Server , FiveM Server Join you Will Have Fun

🔀 - Free Shoutouts + Advertisement growth! 🗨 - Fun events and many showcases to show the community. 🎉 - Giveaways, economy, music, partners, and literally everything! 🤖 - 24/7 Music + Fun Economy/Bots, Free Games 😮 - Memes

Welcome to Gamer Lounge: A small gaming community hoping to grow and play games together. We play mostly FPS games like siege, csgo, tarkov, and some minecraft. Come swing by and give us a try!

✨🍓Hello~!🍓✨ Our server provided social and friendly environment 🌺 There's no right or wrong, you can be quirky,weird just don't fight with one of our member~ ty »»——————- ♡ ——————-«« Come in~ and make yourself at home! We welcome you with open heart!

With Google's terms of service and it's "family friendly" policy, thousands of hundreds of videos are in danger of removal: Part of the internet history may dissapear if we do nothing. That's why we are doing this archiving project.

A discord server dedicated to theological discussion, regardless of religion.

Gaymers is a community-based server made for those who are looking for fellow gamers, otakus, meme-lords, or others to chat/play with. We don't bite, come join us! 18+ only.

Welcome to the Official Hunter's Aces Discord Server! We are a chill and friendly community seeking to establish an open gaming community for anyone to join! Currently, we are a fairly large and active server consisting of over 200+ members!

We are a server about gaming and anime’s and stuff. We have to do a few things but I hope that you’ll have fun on our server!

Servidor foi criado no dia 05/04/2020, com a ideia de ser um servidor diferencial, diferentes dos outros servidores SAMP em que se "pode fazer qualquer coisa", aqui nós seguiremos RP ao extremo, é uma boa experiencia para player que não conseguem MTA.