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Una comunidad en español orientada principalmente a "Danmaku!! Card Game" y Touhou projects en General.

┃Baguette Room┃ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ┃〣:NO NSFW ┃〣:Friendly ┃〣:: Kind ┃〣:Welcoming ┃〣:Bad word blocker ┃〣: Gaming discussion ┃〣: Education discussion

don't join if you're unattractive, i said unattractive, not ugli. this means unfunny, without personality, or taste. this is "skins", a mediocrely toxic server garden:bamboo: , its as active as you're willing to make it. level up↑ and earn roles, POSSIBLY

Hi! This is a friendly Kpop server where you can talk, share memes, and many others. Come and join, this server accepts and respects everyone💜💜💜

We are a growing discord server consisting of 300+ members where we chat about all things Genshin Impact-related, we also indulge in anime and manga and have on offer a healthy dose of memes!

Comunity italiana di gaming, tutti sono invitati a entrare se lo desiderano.

HarmonyMC is an up and coming Minecraft towny server. We offer many custom plugins and strive to bring a unique experience to our players.

A fun space for anyone to support Whee in (MAMAMOO), or just for anyone in general really, we accept anyone!

CZ: Ahoj je to muj prvni server a budu rad kdyz se pripojis! :D EN: Hello, its my first server and its mainly for CZECH people. I would love if you join :D

A place to talk about Nintendo or gaming or just a place to hang out! At 15 members I will start to do events to get fancy roles.

Starter Kit Öffentliche Kartenräume Handels und Berufs System XP x2 Farm x5

WAR IN ARMS Prime Forces is an Upcoming Mobile CQB game developed by Rank Up Games LLC

Lounge Hub is a community where you can meet new people and have fun playing games. We offer a variety of different things you can do. This is a community for all people and all different ages. We are a very welcoming server and hope to see you soon!

Super Smash Bros, PLAY WITH ME ON STREAM! https://www.twitch.tv/burgakang https://www.twitch.tv/burgakang https://www.twitch.tv/burgakang https://discord.com/invite/eYWChSK3 https://discord.com/invite/eYWChSK3 Lets all have fun :)

Soft unlocks for MW for the cheapest prices out there. We can accommodate people's needs and can guarantee a 0 ban rate.