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This is a Chill and Chatting Server U Will be Able to Meet Friends Globally Here.

This Discord server is built for anyone who loves Overwatch, whether that being a competitive player, casual player, etc. all platforms are accepted here aswell, and you will almost allways find someone to play with, if not an entire team, thanks! :)

welcome to heavserver, heavserver is inevitable, there is no escape. all will be converted into heavserver, welcome!

Join my server to get access to our SMP, BandaiMC! We have plugins which prevent griefing, and have custom events every week.

~Vampire Club~ Vampire club is an anime server for all ages, where everyone can share their interests of anything and everything anime! The main focus of this server is to be able to discuss ships that you love!

This server is for all the people that love anything that has to do with cameras and want to share their work with others like-minded!

A Community Server For MCCxChickinWIng And Friends

A small community for gamers, weebs, and kpop lovers ♡

In this server you can find other people to chat with or to play with.

Welcome to Heavenly Hangout, Here we like to chill, play games, chat, and vibe. We are LGBTQ friendly and don’t discriminate.

We like to chill/game/vibe here

Naš Discord Server zasniva se na zabavi, igranju, druženju i još mnogo toga. Posjetite nas i uvjerite se zašto baš Vi trebate igrati, družiti se i zabavljati na našem serveru. Vaše prisustvo nam mnogo znači, hvala na pažnji !

This server is a Great Reset themed server aimed at bringing together like minded people who wish to Reject the 4th industrial revolution and vent their frustration at the new normal world.

The following things we have listed: Representable Self-Roles Friendly Staffs YT, Twitch, and Twitter Gaming Giveaways Memes Bots Partnership Things we don't accept in our server: -Trolling -Raiding -Racism -Dark Jokes -Toxicity

We are a friendly place where you can have a break from other disturbing elements. Sit upon good beer with your friends and talk about you enthralling adventures.