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Community dedicated for people that are passionate about game and enjoy memes, several bots included into the server to maintain entertainment at all costs.

Cracker Connect (trademark pending) is a server where you can connect with fellow crackers. Whether you're chilling on minecraft with the boys, or furiously slamming your semicolon key while writing c++, you are more than welcome here.

only indonesia people can join.

Pull up a seat and rest, everybody's got a story. Friendly and growing community. Plenty of channels and bots. Sleek layout.

Welcome to the Dabster Entertainment Discord server, all our games and discussions under one roof. Let's chat about game dev and other cool things.

The House is a server where by being active you can get a free year's worth of nitro. It's a splinter of a splinter of a splinter of an R9K 4chan discord server where it'll either be incredibly active or not active at all.

Do you like... anime gaming fun memes music making friends vibing and a well organized discord? well you've come to the right place. My goals for this server is to hit 75-100 members and at least 15 active members a day who like to talk.

This community embraces and explores all types of High Strangeness. From Ghosts and Cryptids to aliens, we have it all!



This is a server which was created for the Minecraft fan base. It is not an official server just there is you wanna come talk about your day and what you are doing in game, and you can just hang out and enjoy it.

Hello, looking for members to join our new gaming community/league! You can advertise your media, partner with us, and find new friends to play with. You can also bet in competitive leagues and win prizes or the staff team gives a prize.

Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgeries / Aesthetic OP / Esthetic Surgery / Chirurgia estetica - plastica / Plastische Chirurgie Discord Server

We provide Roblox Limiteds for super cheap, and bring you the greatest service.

₊ Friend o’Clock ﹒ *ೃ › ── ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ── ‹ ╭ 🎬 black & pink aesthetic 🩰 ︰ welcoming ; anime + kpop sections ᥫ᭡ ╰╮🎬 sfw, non-toxic, lgbtq+ friendly 🩰 ︰ matchmaking & more fun activities ! ╭ 🎬 want to know more? join us now!

Feel Welcome everyone it is a pleasure to count on you! Hope this discord server can help you growing as a gamer and person, creating new bounds with people all over the globe and most importantly have fun and share your best content on all social network