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This is an active, fun server where the whole community can have fun with the bot commands, promote their socials, react to give them self roles, make new, interesting conversations in the general chats and listen to music! Hurry up, and join with the fun

we are a small active anime community that likes to talk about any anime and if someone doesnt know it then u can teach them about it. please join and feel free to call it home because we love anime and we never not

The thing you desire most is here. Join and have fun.

Unlock Dark Aether instantly on your own account. No login info required. Dark Aether camo on all weapons All Weapons Max Level All Weapon Attachments Unlocked This works on any platform as the game is cross platform (PSN, XBOX, or PC)

General Chat

Welcome to The Paw Kingdom, a small community for furries who still haven't found a community they feel home and welcomed in. We accept everyone and anyone, even humans :O Click join now and be part of The Paw Kingdom!

Cyborg Monkey Gaming Lounge! We are a Gaming Network based in many games. These games include, but are not limited to: PUBG, Fortnite, Rocket League, Among Us, ARK: Survival Evolved, GTA V, RDR 2, Call of Duty, and many more to come.

Join for roblox development things

The easiest way to get discord nitro for free! Invite your friends and get nitro!

Milk Vibe is a new, growing server where everyone of any culture or ethnicity can join, drink some milk and vibe. Furthermore, we have an amazing large pallet of colors that you can choose for you. We also just opened mod applications. Come vibe with us

Lots of funny and cute anime emotes! Will be adding more ^^

hello this is a small server with a few people in it so it would be helpful if you joined, plz join i have no friends

If u want to hang out with some people this is the server for you.

Make Friends, Chat, Have Fun. CHATTIFY

The Among Us Eggsquad is a community focused around the egg hat! In this server you can talk to other members, find people to play with, get cool roles, and more! Join and become an Eggsquad member today!