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a chill and active community for producers & artists

A leftist creative community with some of the friendliest nerds and weirdos on this planet.

🤍 A cute and friendly hangout server 🤍 Custom emotes 🤍 Active chats to meet new friends 🤍 Fun bots, contests and plenty of entertainment channels 🤍 Dank Memer based

🥇 Free Giveaways & Events | Social Anime Community | Self promotion | ton of Emojis | Fun Games | Bots | Make Friends | Chill | Memes | Active | Support

Basic community server where: ¬ you won't get accused for sexual harassment if you make a simple joke (lol). ¬ 14 year old girls can't cancel you since gigachads are always there for you (written by one). ¬ you're sexy [depends (doesn't)].

Share your wish lists, trade items, visit towns, enter free giveaways, share custom designs, get advice and ideas, earn bells, order items, participate in events, see turnip prices and more! We have hackers that can get you any items you want!

Deutscher Discord Server Original

Hi guys we are ACE SMP! We stream on twitch and make content on youtube and this is our community server. You can come and hang out here and we even do some special perks for Nitro Boosters and twitch subs :))

꒰ welcome to cosmo ꒱ + a SFW cute aesthetic server! + welcoming community + many self roles and boost perks ☆ join us now at discord.gg/cosmo ☆

We're a bunch of Dudes and Dudettes that play Pokémon and Animal Crossing. Daily Pokémon giveaways, GTS bot, Sysbots, seedchecks, Pokécord with a twist.

A general-purpose server for procrastinators to enjoy life, A warm welcome in advance for our new members!

A server for just chatting and hanging out, voice channels for gaming or just relaxing, and notifications about NickllArcade's livestreams and YouTube uploads!

This is an automotive discord! Here we talk about cars in game, or in real life.

Sur ce serveur, tu retrouvera des Bros dotés d'une Super Sympathie Légendaire ! Pour créer des liens dépassant ceux de simple teammate. Respect et bonne humeur au rendez-vous !

For gamers who prefer combat related games - shooters, rpgs, survival, etc. (but we play a bit of everything). Ownership is very fair here, we’re about gaming, not power-trip egos.

Free Advertising + Paid Advertising Cheap ads Free Nitro Giveaways New server + Hiring Staff / Partnership managers and advertising team join now to advertise all over the world