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This server was made to provide nitro users to have plenty of emojis in hand for you to enjoy in your other servers. This server includes many different varieties of emojis for everyone to enjoy.

This is a server that focuses on mental health issues and psychology. The server was created with the intent of helping those struggling with mental health. Come chat with us.

gex discord server


The best gex server ever.

A hub for all literature buffs and bookworms to spread their knowledge, discuss books, and have a lot of fun through music, games and events!

Project K.I.N.K. is a new, sleek, kink focused 18+ server. We're filled with fun and the occasional gag. Want a place to be your raunchy self with no judgement? *slaps hood* This baby can fit it all.

We are a community server!

Pizza Paradise is a community for art, and fun!! We host dank memer giveaways ever week and have cool fun emojis!! Join for tons of fun!

GameCamp is a community where you can share/find games and friends. Feel free to join us! We are still new and looking for active members and staffs. If you would like to be a staff PM us!

⭐ Best Music Server ・ Social & Music ・ Jam With Music Bots ・ Share Your Favorite Music Or Your Own ・ Discover New Music ・ Check Us Out!

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Diablo 2 Resurrected & Diablo 4 Community | 🌟EVENT‼️ 2 D2Resurrected game copies to win ‼️

Wir bieten einen deutschsprachigen Community Discord Server für das Game Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Gruppenchannel, Spielersuche, Streamerrollen, Leveling und immer Up-to-date!

This server is for people to hang out and talk about games and such. The three head honchos are very amateur streamers who intend to make this server a hub of sorts, but don't want the same "follow for follow" vibe that so many other streamer servers do.

Flirt or Friends 18+ - International Community This is a international community server with 320 Channels (in 51 different languages) and many self reaction roles. You can practise your language skills with native speakers. Age verification needed.

Just chatting and making friends <3