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In this server we teach you all about coding. If you have any problems just ask staff! We also host minecraft server's and bot's for cheap!

Hello We Are Immortal Solutions a Company That was founded on July 5th. We Offer Lots Of Different Products. We also Host lots of fun ways to win a cad.

A cool discord server that you should definitely join. Really fun!

Join YT Gaming! if you join, youll have lots of fun (i hope)

Join our fresh new server for gamers to socialize and share memes. We will have custom roles for boosters and Content creators and may have giveaways in the future

A fun and inclusive server for everyone! Creators, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, and anyone else.

Kaiteki meaning "comfy" in Japanese, is a pastel aesthetic and lgbt friendly server looking to make members feel welcome! Interested? We have a lot to offer!

https://discord.gg/vHZcQAH Small community server to get to know some new people!

https://discord.gg/NSzrsTrdUb This is a community where we just chill, meet new friends and talk about mermaid related stuff! It's small now but hoping it'll grow. If ur a fan of mermaids, roleplay, or just chilling and meeting new people this is 4 u!

NzT Gaming is made up of a variety of streamers and dedicated gamers alike. The idea behind this is to bring everyone's community together in a one stop shop discord. You will have the ability to completely fine tune your experience within this server.

A Red Dead Online group

Hello we are Legal Gaming! A fun community of gamers and much more. In legal we offer: A fun community built on gaming. Many people to interact and play with Self promotion Tons of different games! Much much more!

โœจVoted the #1 Minecraft server in the worldโœจ โœจDaily Nitro giveawaysโœจ โœจMc.CosmicMc.Netโœจ

We are all about being a close community and safe place for the Lgbtq+. If you are looking for a good support place or want to help others, this is the place. If you are just wanting those late night chats and to make some friends!

This is my Discord server which I use for my Twitch and YouTube. Iโ€™m a very small Minecraft streamer who hopes to grow one day!! :)

We are a friendly and no toxic community for hh rifts, or just for fun in general! Invite link: https://discord.gg/G2ZVFCmTTs