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Come and join Bernard — the true hero of Megamind.

Anime_ 7 primarily focuses on anime but there are going to be other ROOMS that aren't, for an example gaming. This community is all about being kind towards one another and a safe place for all, we are a LGBTQIA friendly server as well.

Chill peeps, we need more interesting people but please don't blow it up. And more importantly, be yourself :) there's a channel for memes btw so use that for... Memes. No nasty stuff pls

PRODUCTIVE Political Conversation—we discuss philosophy, economics, religion, COVID-19, the Biden administration, and more. Watch this video for more information: https://youtu.be/Tb_u8lzQwyQ

A small server that is right now in development and is gonna get better and we also have cool bots and giveaways

VALORANT is a super team based game and more often than not, we find that solo queue games leave you with either uncoordinated or disrespectful players. We want to reduce that. Made by gamers, for gamers.

In this server you can find events,giveaways,chill community,rewards,role reward and others....

The Basement is a great way to chill and talk to other members, whilst having fun. We host Game Nights, featuring games such as Among Us, Roblox, Kahoot, and Skribl, as well as hosting Movie Nights, where we watch movies + TV shows.

Have you ever wondered if there was a place where you could discuss just land vehicles in stormworks? Well here's the place!

Server for people, that are open for new relationships.

just chill and chat

This is Pallen0304's Twitch server. Pallen streams games by his community's request and when gifted. He enjoys mostly PvE Cooperative Online Games he can play with his viewers, story games, MMOs, and occasionally shooters.


Hi, We're Zylo! We are a committed group which loves to create thriving communities and happy memories for people, join this and you will make some friends!

Welcome to TheGroupPlayz Discord Server! The purpose of this server is to make your lives enjoyable and make new friends who have the same interests as you.